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Within this universe, the worlds of Qward and the Antimatter Earth of the. An idea of a Multiverse is not unique to DC and some scientists have even hypothesized that we may even be living in a Multiverse. The need to publish stories outside the strict DC Universe continuity led to the creation of certain DC imprints. [59][60] In addition, Earth-ABC also exists as a parallel universe, the mysterious and preivously unexplored Earth 25. The DC multiverse is a complicated and often downright confusing concept. The Batman (Terry McGinnis), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan II). Upon discovering the existence of Creation within itself, the Overvoid extended a probe into the Multiverse, which upon reporting back the concept of events, irreparably altered the Overvoid's awareness. Gardner Fox, who worked before in the creation of the JSA, where other heroes met for the first time, created the story "Flash of Two Worlds" in The Flash #123, where Barry Allen, the new Flash, is transported to the Earth where the original Flash, Jay Garrick, existed. The story is continued in Justice League. After the heroes returned to their home universe, the deities remade this universe "as it was meant to be". The original Multiverse coexists along with the collapsed Earth, the core 52 worlds, and all other versions of the Multiverse that have ever existed. The homeworld of the Justice Riders, an alternate version of the Justice League in a world where technology and culture were "frozen" in the late 19th century by the Time Trapper. Kara laments that she is thankful that his father is not alive to see the person he has become, though Superman says that if his father had been more like Zod, he might have been able to save Krypton. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it quickly became clear that Harbinger's claim that only a single Earth and history existed was untrue. The DEO is now a division of LuthorCorp. He plans to use this Legion to bring peace to his universe and the multiverse. Examples of this included: 1) Black Canary of Earth-One being the daughter of the original Black Canary of WWII even though the original Black Canary was a resident of Earth-Two, and 2) the existence of Golden Age comic books on Earth-One and the people not noticing that some of the characters in those comic books existed in "real-life". In this reality, the Monitors had access to energy constructs that were able to record messages and transmit communiques across the Multiverse. Reality of origin of the Modern Age General Zod and the shapeshifting being known as Matrix who donned the identity of Supergirl. The League of Shamans (Super-Mage, the Bat-Mage, Lady Flash). Manhattan).[63]. This earth was depicted on a map shown to Barry Allen of Earth-1 by Jay Garrick of Earth-3 in the episode ", This Earth was depicted on a map shown to Barry Allen of Earth-1 by Jay Garrick of Earth-3 in the episode ". Gold Superman, Iron Batman, Platinum Wonder Woman, Lead Green Lantern, Mercury Flash, Tin Elongated Man and Nth Metal Hawkman. The Blood League: vampire versions of the Batman and Robin, Superman a.k.a. Lex Luthor stated that the Dark Multiverse was still existing under the shadow of the Multiverse which was now composed by new realities. A reversed-gender version of Earth-0. This world was used to allow crossovers with certain characters of the Legion of Super-Heroes and recreate characters that otherwise could not exist in the new continuity (such as Kryptonians, as in the New Earth Superman was the only survivor of Krypton). The seventh (and last) of the 7 Unknown Worlds. At first it seemed that there was not going to be a naming convention for the Earths as it happened with the 52. Her sons contacted the higher beings within the Source who contained the aberrant Multiverse within the Source Wall, imprisoned Perpetua within the Wall and remade the original positive matter multiverse into a single positive matter Universe, which Krona the rogue Maltusain would eventually splinter into another infinite Multiverse. At some point in time after his arrival in the dark, the World Forger created a pet, who was named Barbatos, to destroy the worlds that were not supposed to be part of the Orrery. Today Arris breaks down DC Comics Multiverse and gives you a 'WTF' moment in comic books! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. These characters lived in a universe separated from the DC Universe (known as the Dakotaverse or Milestone Universe). Homeworld of Power Girl (Kara Zor-L) and the Huntress (Helena Wayne) who were stranded on Earth-0 for several years. Described as a dark and violent world in which superheroes live a very independent life from each other, although they share the same world. Most of the metahumans were part of ethnic minorities and DC Comics were a work of fiction. The fictional letters in the letter sections of the April 1996 Amalgam Comics issues hint to an Amalgam Prime Earth, where the editor Stan Schwartz (an amalgam of Stan Lee and Julie Schwartz) and the film company Fox Bros. (an amalgam of 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.) both exist. Homeworld of the 1940s JSA and Freedom Fighters, the 1980s JLA, Superman, the Batman, Wonder Woman, the Blue Beetle and the 1990s Marvel Family. [71], While the two powerful Gods battled each other, the Earth 0's heroes faced the Robin King who managed to kill some heroes[72] and gained the upper hand even with the Trinity but, before he could kill them all, he was called out by his Master and left them to the Castle Bat. It was a redux version of Earth-One. Based on Brainiac's (and John King's "Post-Convergence, every character that ever existed, in DC Canon, is now available to us. This tragedy completely ruins Superman's moral compass to the point of no return and the Kryptonian murders the Joker in retaliation. Labs was not founded due to Wells' absence. Origin of Brigadier Atom and Eve of Shadows, an alternate Captain Atom and Nightshade. Below is a partial list of alternate worlds created by Alexander Luthor in his attempt to create the perfect Earth. Additionally, each Earth is parallel another Earth; in at least once instance with Earths 20 and 40, these parallel Earths have been seen to phase into a state of being capable of interaction. Ideas created by ordinary human minds (namely, comic book writers) become reality in other worlds of the Multiverse. Traveling between these realities was extremely hard, only two characters were capable of doing so with natural abilities: Rift, who existed in both the DC and Milestone Universes, and Access, who had the task of keeping the DC and Marvel Universes separated to prevent amalgamation. Savior, the last survivor of the ancient supercivilization of. The Quantum Superman, Captain Allen Adams, was a citizen of Earth-4, a world within the DC Multiverse that in many ways mimics the Watchmen universe. A dimension that exists between Hell and Earth where the worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis exist and where Darkseid and the New Gods live. In the case of worlds with numerals, the "rule" of spelling the number was not always followed, even within the pages of the same issue. Perpetua was supposed to move on to create new Multiverses, leaving her creation in the hands of her children, but instead she remained, creating ever more aggressive forms of life to forge the Multiverse into a weapon to be used against her own kind. There, the Darkest Knight finally revealed her that the Hands were waiting for the battle to end to finally destroy the Multiverse in order to punish it for having been twisted and derailed from its original purpose so she had, now, to choose how his Multiverse would end. Characters are derived from the Golden Age Justice Society of America, who existed on the original Golden Age Earth-Two. Earth is known as Angor and a Metahuman Act was passed a few years ago. The Doom Patrol (Prime Earth) enlist the help of Batman (Bruce Wayne)'s Justice League of America II (Prime Earth), Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), and New Earth Superman in fighting an evil reality altering conglomerate. Internet Archive. New, 4 comments. The Flash #123 (September, 1961). He was opposed by his opposite, the Monitor. A world where the JLA are a group of lawmen who ride the Wild West. [34] This theory referred to what Grant Morrison had previously proposed about the DC Universe having its own consciousness. Benevolent aliens have turned this once war-torn Earth (formerly known as Warworld) into a factory to breed a race of superbeings (known as the Forerunners) to become the ultimate protectors of the Multiverse against the forces of Lord Darkseid. How this related to Hypertime and the formation of the New 52 multiverse is unknown. Krona was a member of the ancient race of powerful, blue-skinned immortals from the planet Maltus. Earths 13 and 50 were Vertigo and the rebooted Wildstorm Universe, while Earth-17 became the world of a revived post-apocalypse Atomic Knights after a mid-80s World War III once more. Earth, where Superman first appeared in Metropolis in 2965. On this world, Batwoman started a war against metahumans following the death of Sylvester Kyle, which resulted in her killing Aquawoman. Harley Quinn leads a group called the Joker Gang who idolizes the Joker and fights alongside the Insurgency against the Regime. In the animated television series Super Friends, the superhero team has encounters with other universes, including the world of Qward. The Anti-Monitor revealed to the assembled heroes that he lured them to him to absorb their life forces. Earths of unknown designation known to have existed in this Multiverse include an Earth similar to that of Justice League: The Nail,[47] a dimension home to a black President Superman that would be continued after Flashpoint in the form of Earth 23,[45] a recreated Earth-Prime,[48] and the home universe of Hot Pursuit, as well as possibly the world of All-Star Superman. Cyborg also joins the Regime due to sharing his anger over the destruction of Metropolis. This Multiverse consisted of only 52 worlds, 51 resting upon Earth-0. Homeworld of (British steampunk) Harrison Wells. Doomsday Clock Jonathan and Martha Kent also have a three-year-old daughter Clara. Continuation of Earth-C instead of a reboot. In addition, there was a Limbo, where some heroes and characters that could not be brought back to "existence" after the Crisis on Infinite Earths lived outside the Universe. The shadow side of Dream where the Goblin Market exists. Dark Nights: Death Metal and it's companion comics act as a conclusion to Dark Nights: Metal, Flash Forward and Scott Snyder's run on Justice League. It has been contacted using radio equipment. This story arc started the tradition of a yearly crossover between the JLA and the JSA, and established firmly the concept of a Multiverse and the designation of names, Earth-One being the JLA reality and Earth-Two the JSA reality. Published roughly contemporaneously, a six-issue miniseries titled Flash Forward follows Wally West being enlisted by a cosmic being known as Tempus Fuginaut to stop an incursion of the Dark Multiverse. A post-apocalyptic Earth where intelligent animals have enslaved the human race. Over the years, various other Earths were visited by super-heroes (and villains). The contact of these worlds usually brought cataclysms, the one being the most common, amalgamation. Mick Rory lives in the abandoned Waverider, which has a Leonard Snart-voiced "Gideon" A.I. The royal family includes, A combination of two worlds that were glimpsed during. This universe was described as a "universe of evil". [73], Wonder Woman and an army of Lobo's clones adventured into the Dark Multiverse where Lobo fell prey to its shadows so Diana reached alone the World Forge where she met Darkseid that tried to discourage her from trying to change the history. We have our TV universe and our film universe, but they all co-exist. The universe of the Tangent Comics superheroes (see the Infinite Multiverse and the, The arrival of Kal-L and the Kryptonian technology in his rocket in. However, it became chaotic in just five years. The Justice 9: Optiman, Iron Knight, War-Woman, Mer-Man, Red Racer, Blackbird, Bowboy, Cyberion and Flashlight. [61], In addition, the Crime Syndicate and their home world were also resurrected as the Multiverse healed Earth 3 by itself.[62]. Lionel lures Clark into Oliver's kryponite trap and beats him. [69], It was revealed that the Darkest Knight had altered to redirect the energy of the Chair into himself so the Crisis Energies made him strong enough to deal the final blow to the Multiverse. Based upon Earth-Four, formed by Charlton Comics characters in a, The Blue Beetle, the Question, Captain Atom, Nightshade, the Judomaster. Unfortunately, the Joker of this universe is brought to the Regime universe and is killed. Later, new versions of other heroes, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, were also restarted by retelling their origins but keeping their secret identities. In the infinite Earths known to exist beyond the borders of the local 52 universes, including the 'defunct' infinite pre-Crisis Earths, the 52 post-Crisis Earths, and the far-flung realms of Hypertime, those additionally indicated as being included in the scope of the "Multi-Multiverse". Optiman was apparently killed by Earth-45's Superdoomsday. Origin of Courtney Whitmore who wielded the Star Rod, becoming Starwoman. Later, Wonder Woman #59 (May 1953) presented DC Comics' first story depicting a parallel "mirror" world. In 2005, a new universal crisis story arc was published as a way to update once more the super heroes of DC Comics, bring together other "realities" (namely, Milestone and Wildstorm) and bring back the Multiverse, this time with a limited number of Earths instead of infinite. Now, the last hope for Earth lies in the powers of the DC Legends. The Marvel Family (Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel), the. They succeed in saving all existence but in the process, the Multiverse, its countless duplicate worlds and its history ceased to exist. Hal Jordan and Sinestro are imprisoned on Oa by the Guardians. The Atomic Knights, Kamandi, a gorilla Starman, Superdemon. The New Gods have shown an interest in this world, as they are concerned about the impending threat of the resurrection of Darkseid. The only means of transportation from this dimension to the Multiverse is the Boom Tube. New take on the flagship DC heroes created by. It helped (among other things) to explain continuity errors, to retell and retcon stories, and to incorporate foreign elements that could actively interact with everything else and allow them to have an "existence". The current Multiverse is home to an infinite number of universes, including those of previous incarnations of the Multiverse, with the core 52 worlds of the "local Multiverse" being: On the border of the Orrery of Worlds containing the universes (the border itself composed of the Speed Force Wall) are several other realms, at least half of which are currently unknown. Lois Lane had been lost on assignment in the Congo and presumed dead since 1993 (prior to the events of "Tempus, Anyone?" As it has been revealed so far, most of the 52 worlds suffered drastic changes such as Earth-2 which is now a reboot in the present day of the heroes that formed the Justice Society or Earth-3 which reverted to be the opposite of the main Earth (Earth-0 in this case), instead of the opposite of Earth-Two. In addition, as most of the history of the Modern Age was still being the main continuity, younger readers could not follow the stories of the mainstream versions of the DC heroes, just as had happened prior to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, Armageddon 2001 still occurred in this new timeline, which would require the continued existence of alternate realities. On the dark side of the Moon, the heroes, along with some villains, created a new spaceship, the Totality, to control the balance of justice and doom and prevent any other crisis like the one they survived. Captain Adam Strange leads the Atomic Knights of Justice in a quest to rebuild their world and search for Earth-15's lost fragment, the Cosmic Grail. In any case this set of infinite Earths was restored with the reconstruction of the Multiverse in the events of Convergence. Five years into the war, the Insurgency discovers an alternate universe where the Joker's plan did not succeed and transports several of its superheroes (Wonder Woman, the Batman, Aquaman, the Green Arrow, and Green Lantern) to their world in order to help them defeat the Regime. Homeworld of the mainstream versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, the X-Men. A world where the superheroes won the war against evil and their children do not have much to do.

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