toyota 86 oem subwoofer

: Certified performance and operation for the life of your vehicle. ORDER OUR SUB BOX FOR YOUR TOYOTA TODAY! Therefore we engineered the installation to be seamless, intuitive and fun. //console.log(new_url); Keeping your 4Runner on the road or off-road means you rely on high performing OEM Toyota parts. Free shipping. Proven Reliability, Seamless Integration, Unmatched Sound Quality, Watch the showcase ► The staging is perfection with no speaker directivity. }); //console.log("device width "+width+", set width "+640+", ratio "+0.75+", new height "+ height); MUST HAVE! Tuned exclusively for the vehicle acoustics of the Toyota 86, Vehicle undergoes extensive acoustic measuring (using proprietary six microphone array), Utilizes existing trunk liner fastener locations, Quick-Release knob for ease of installation, O.E. Vehicle factory warranty remains completely intact. Plug and Play installation. *Free Ground Shipping coupon up to $200 Value. Within its own enclosure, this subwoofer delivers deep, clear, low-frequency effects and optimises response for the entire system. /*

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