How To Time Travel

How to see the future using Apple Watch

One of the most useful features in Watch OS2, in my opinion, was Time Travel.  This nifty little trick allowed you to see the future status of any Watch complication by turning the digital crown.  For example, you look at your watch first thing in the morning and see that its 48deg.  But what will the temperature be around lunch when you are outside – still chilly, or warm and sunny?  Using Time Travel, you can twist the digital crown and watch the temperature change along with the time to see what is forecast for later that day.  The same trick is also super useful when you want to check upcoming meetings at a glance, if you have the Calendar complication on your Watch face.

With Watch OS3, this amazing little productivity hack was turned off by default.  I guess not that many people used it?  Too bad.  However, thankfully Apple kept the feature, you just have to turn it on.  And to do that, you have to find it!

So, where is Time Travel hidden?  Not surprisingly, it is found in the Watch app on your paired phone.  Somewhat surprisingly, it is not in the General settings area or under Complications.  Time Travel is tucked away under the Clock heading.  Go figure…

To turn on Time Travel;

Go to Watch App on paired iPhone

Scroll down to and tap “Clock”

Apple Watch App
Select “Clock”

Tap the toggle switch for Time Travel to turn it green

Now, when your Apple Watch is showing the Clock face (the default view) and you have complications which change over time (e.g. Weather, Calendar) the projected status of those complications will dynamically adjust with the time as you turn the Digital Crown up.

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