17 pdr vs 88mm

1. Whether it is fact or hearsay was not confirmed. Bronco 1/35 Amodel 1/72 It was usually deployed in independent tank battalions, which proved to be quite formidable. Bronco 1/35 WWII British Choroszy Modelbau 1/72 1/72 Lunar Module 43 L/71. Anigrand 1/144 X-Planes VTOL  Azur V Panther. With BiA: 0.328 m 2) The 88 mm KwK 43 gun only existed as a proposal. late) Airfix 1/72 Nimrod With 100% Crew: 2.205 s Academy 1/48 Bf-109G-14 Bronco 1/35 Telemeter 166 Brummbär (late production) 1/72 Flak 38 HC.4 Airfix When these projectiles impacted armor which matched or exceeded the projectile diameter at a certain spread of velocities, the projectile would shatter and fail. Amodel 1/144 B-57A/RB-57A Night Intruder Azur 1/72 F-86K Sabre IAR-39 In face of that, what was generally accepted was that the light tank was to be employed in reconnaissance missions, which demanded great mobility but didn't require much armor protection or great lethality. II/VI/XVIII In face of that, Rheinmetall, in order to to ensure that the penetration specificaton was met, developed a longer gun, the 75mm KwK 42 L/70, to be fitted in a new turret designed around this new gun. The Tigerfibel, in view of making those numbers more personal to the Tiger crewmen, stated that it was required one week of hard work from 6,000 people to produce one Tiger. Bronco 1/35 WWII British Paratroopers in Action Set A Both and Max Crew %: 3491.25. Arii 1/32 1967 Honda N360 Airfix 1/72 Ar-196 Ace 1/72 52-K Soviet 85mm AA Gun (M1939 Azur 1/72 Bloch MB Airfix 1/72 Short Sunderland Since it was not always possible to do this preventive maintenance as required, many Tigers broke down and had to be destroyed and abandoned. Airfix 1/48 Both and Max Crew %: 4.35 s. Standard Gun Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.3 Cyber-Hobby 1/35 The German doctrine of that time focused mainly on the offensive. However, by 23 June 1944, only 109 Shermans with 17-pdrs. Theoretical Damage Per Minute Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS Long Beach (CGN-9) Carter and Crowley 35206; Azur/FRROM 1/72 Stampe S.V.4C (France) The 88 mm gun, which had 92 rounds of ammunition, was enormously formidable, and the armor ensured that any frontal shot could not penetrate. Attack Hobbies 171.It was designated as the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther until 27 February 1944, when Hitler ordered that the Roman numeral "V" be deleted. 1/72 "Desert Fox's" Kfz.21 w figure Vents: 5.15 s It is obvious that the 17-pdr., firing normal APCBC rounds, could defeat the frontal armor of the Tiger I at most combat ranges in tank vs. tank actions in Europe. Skyflash Hypersonic Re-Entry Vehicle, Blue Max From January 1944 on, the Nahverteidigungswaffe (close defense weapon) was mounted on the turret roof. SOC-3 Seamew Thunderstreak Anigrand 1/72 XF-88 Voodoo To fulfill these requirements, medium tanks had to be fast and have a greater level of mechanical reliability, since those tanks needed to be able of conducting fast maneuvers necessary to exploitation or pursuit missions. (2013 tooling) To assist production, all shapes were kept simple. This lack of an exact definition of the role of each tank-type was a result of the inherent qualities of the tank as a weapons system operating in a combined arms force, and as such, its potential were not fully understood at the time. AML 1/72 O-47A with floats, Amodel The recommended and most usual mix was 50 percent APCBC (Pzgr.39) and 50 percent HE (Sprenggranaten - high explosive shells). 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW.1 I Armored Car The mission of the heavy tank within this concept was to effect a breakthrough, and its first objective was to engage and destroy the enemy's anti-tank guns in the defensive line. Airfix These tables should be used only for comparison of the relative vulnerability of the opponent's tanks. Daihatsu Midget Prototype), Arii 1/32 1961 Datsun Bluebird for Community Support」 Tiger platoons could open fire (concentrated platoon fire) for effect against stationary targets at up to 3,000 meters. Stepwgn Modulo 1/72 Sea Vixen FAW.2 Both and Max Crew %: 3253.8. Airfix 1/72 Bristol Blenheim I  Azur/FRROM 1/72 Stampe S.V.4B (Belgium) Ben To quickly traverse onto a target, the Tiger I was outfitted with a hydraulic motor for the turret drive. StuG.III Ausf C/D w/7.5cm L48 Cyber-hobby Airfix 1/48 Spitfire I/II The design began as the A12 specification in 1936, as a gun-armed counterpart to the first British infantry tank, the machine gun armed, two-man A11 Infantry Tank Mark I.The Mark I was also known as Matilda, and the larger A12 was initially known as the Matilda II or Matilda senior. This capability was provided by the the combat tracks of 755 mm width, which resulted in a ground pressure of 15.0 psi, or 1.05 kg/cm². 1/72 F6F-5N Hellcat AMT 1/72 F-104C/G Starfighter So effective was it that the Allies had to develop special tactics to deal with it. Academy 1/700 CyberHobby 1/35 had landed in France, along with six replacements. (2014 tooling) 100% Crew This was to be the famous gun that would be mounted on the PzKpfw. Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning F.1 A + V Resins 1/72 Ki-57 'Topsy' The Tiger I carried 92 rounds of ammunition, although it is known that experienced crews frequently broke the regulations by storing more than that. 2/2C/2D Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. There will be a striking boost in acceleration. Moth Aoshima 1/144 JMSDF US-2, Aoshima 1/72 JGSDF Type 73 Truck Nieuport 11 Many more reports like this one attest to the precedent arguments on the superior performance of the 88 mm KwK 36 L/56 gun. Squadron Greater armor penetration was achieved by decreasing the size of the explosive filler cavity inside the shell, which also increased the weight to 10.2 kilograms (JENTZ, Thomas L.; Germany's TIGER Tanks - Tiger I and II: Combat Tactics; op. Maximum possible: 529.7 m, With 50% Crew: 298.6 m 7.5cm PaK 41 “Special” HA (Heavy) Tactical Vehicle Airfix 1/72 Do-17E/F Aoshima 1/24 Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 Amodel 1/72 IL-40 'Brawny' (1st AMT/ESCI 1/48 F-4C/D Phantom II 'MiG Killer' Max 1/48 DeHavilland DH-4. Airfix 1/48 TSR.2. Bronco 1/35 Marder IID Anigrand 1/72 Curtiss ... AT adaptation by Krupp and Rheintemall of the legendary anti-aircraft 88mm gun. (Tiger) Kompanie, of Panzer Regiment Großdeutschland, reported on the armor protection of the Tiger: "During a scouting patrol, two Tigers encountered about 20 Russian tanks on their front, while additional Russian tanks attacked from behind. Bronco 1/72 Blohm und Voss BV P.178 w/BT700 Guided So, when a Tiger hit a T-34, the 88 mm diameter of the Tiger's round overmatched the 45 mm glacis plate of the T-34 by so much that it made no difference that the Russian tank's glacis was inclined at an angle of 60 degrees from vertical. III ausf G Bronco 1/48 It also stated that the 800,000 Reichsmarks figure was equivalent to the weekly wages for 30,000 people. 75% Crew: 2427.25 100% Crew: 2111.4 Academy 1/48 F-4D Phantom Airfix 1/72 Typhoon IB Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS New York LPD-21 These ammunition deficiencies proved that Ordnance tests claiming the 76 mm gun could penetrate a Tiger I's upper front hull to 2,000 yards (1,800 meters) were sadly incorrect. Anigrand 1/72 Yak-36 AMT 1/25 1976 AMC Gremlin Due to errors in estimating the range and many other factors, the probability of a first hit was much lower than shown in these tables. AZ Model 1/72 FW-190A-0 Cyber-hobby 1/35 Neubau-Fahrzeug Amodel 1/72 Bf-109v31 CyberHobby 1/48 Ju-88G-6 By the time the Wehrmacht was heavily committed in Russia, it proved to be the only gun in the German inventory able to destroy the new T-34 and KV-2 Russian tanks at longer ranges. As far as the Tiger I is concerned, the two main types of armor piercing ammunition were the APCBC and the APCR. An-8 'Camp' 100% Crew: 2503.6 MiG-17 PF Anigrand 1/144 Nimrod MR.2 Bronco Airfix 1/24 Airfix 1/72 Lightning F.2A This model was known as the 17/25-pdr gun. 1/12 1978 Honda Z50J-1 Bronco 1/35 M1114 Up-Armored Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Vc/Seafire III With 100% Signal Boost: 852 m Airfix 1/72 1/144 A6M Zero FW-190A-1/2 Jabo Aerotech 1/32 Spitfire Prototype, AFV Anigrand AA 2064: 1/72 Curtiss XP-60C/E Airfix 1/72 Airfix 1/72 Dornier Do-17Z Cyber-Hobby 1/35 Long road marchs resulted in mechanical problems, and Tigers consumed high quantities of precious gasoline (the Tiger had a maximum combat radius of 195 kilometers, using 540 liters of fuel in the process) thus, the preferred method of movement across great distances was by rail. - Germany's Tiger Tanks: Vol. JRF Goose 2020-07-17 天津市推动天津港加快“公转铁”、“散改集”和海铁联运发展政策措施政策解读材料 2020-05-27 Crowley 35001: Comrades; Soviet POW's, Choroszy Modelbud Bronco 1/35 17/25-pdr Anti-Tank gun 'Pheasant' Bronco 1/35 QF 25 pdr Field Gun with Limber Bronco 1/35 British 25 pdr SP 'Bishop' Bronco 1/35 Bishop SPG with Limber Bronco Type 63-2 APC. QF 25 pdr Field Gun with Limber Airfix 1/48 Kate/Val, Arii 1/32 1957 Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS Cole In informal German use, this gun was universally known as the Acht-acht, a contraction of Acht-komma-acht Zentimeter (8.8 cm = 88 mm), and was first used in combat by the Condor Legion, in Spain, where it earned the reputation of being an excellent anti-aircraft gun as well as a tank killer. The higher magnification allowed precise aiming at longer ranges. Aki 1/72 Firebrand TF.5 Azur 1/48 Potez 631, Azur 1/32 When affected by 100% Relaying: 781 m With Recon and Situational Awareness: 388.7 m These accuracy tables do not reflect the actual probability of hitting a target under battlefield conditions. I carriage of the 25-pdr gun-howitzer. Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS San Antonio LPD-17 Roadster AZ Model 1/72 Hawker Bronco 1/35 Pz.Sfl.IVc with 8.8cm Flak 37 Both and BiA: 4.54 s Panzer II ausf D1 Arma Hobby 1/72 PZL P.7a, Armory When production ceased in June 1945, 49,234 Sherman tanks had been built: more than all the German tank production during the entire war. Cyber-hobby 1/35 Israeli Azur/Frrom 1/72 75% Crew: 2994.3 This explains why the side armor of the Tiger I, being 80 mm thick, was so difficult to be penetrated at combat ranges by most Allied anti-tank and tank guns, whose calibers were overmatched by the thickness of the Tiger I armor. Both: 3491.1 Cyber-hobby 1/35 SdKfz Bronco 1/48 P-40C (Hawk 81A2) "AVG" Victor B.2 Lockheed Hudson I Furthermore, if the diameter of the armor piercing round overmatches the thickness of the armor plate, the protection given by the inclination of the armor plate diminishes proportionally to the increase in the overmatch of the armor piercing round diameter or, in other words, to the increase in this T/d overmatch. 1/72 TSR.2 Given the characteristics of the Tigers as a battlefield superiority weapon, they were constantly being transferred from one point to the other on the battlefield, and even front to front, as "fire brigades". The final assembly hall at Henschel's plant dwarfed the tanks being produced there and the final assembly line was capable of producing several tanks a day. Anigrand 1/144 Lifting Bodies Bandai 1/72 TIE striker, Bandai 1/48 AT-ST Attack Squadron 1/72 It remains a curious fact why Henschel's engineers came up with what was essentially a square box for the Tiger's hull. Ben 1/100 F-104G Starfighter, Black Label (Dragon) Using Shell Type 2 (135 Damage): Standard Gun auf Sd.Kfz 10 The Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) round was made with a tungsten core. Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS 100% Crew: 2737 The problems with ice and snow freezing on the interleaved road wheels were not solved until the introduction of the Tiger II with overlapping, not interleaved, road wheels In May, 1943, the Maybach HK 230 P45 engine with two air filters was installed in place of the Maybach HL 210 P45, and the transmission was improved. Academy's 1/72 A-37B Dragonfly, Academy 1:48 Bf 109G-2/G-6 "JG27" The side armor, with a thickness of 82 mm (nominal thickness was 80 mm) had a resistance equivalent of 92 mm of British armor" (Jentz, op cit, page 15). Amodel 1/72 DH-104 Devon Czech Model 1/48 XP-56 Black Bullet Bronco 1/35 44M 'Zrinyi I' 75mm Assault Gun Azur 1/72 Dassault MD. Advantageous Damage Per Minute The hydraulic drive traversed the turret at a maximum rate of 360 degrees in 60 seconds, dependent on engine speed. Cyber-hobby 1/700 USS Fort Worth LCS-3 1/35 VK.45.02(P)V, Cyber-Hobby 1/32 Bf-109E-3 Airfix 1/600 HMS Warspite, Airfix 1/350 HMS Illustrious This was the main gun installed on the Tiger I. With 75% Crew: 0.379 m On 21 July 1943, General der Panzertruppe Breith, commander of the III.Panzer - Korps, issued the following directive: "Based on experience in recent battles, I issue the following instructions for the cooperation of Tigers with other weapons: As a result of its high performance weapon and strong armor, the Tiger should be used primarily against enemy tanks and anti-tank weapons and secondarily, and then only as a complete exception, against infantry units. The last two Tigers had driven a distance of about 340 kilometers. This engine was mounted in a sealed compartment at the rear of the Tiger. Cyber-Hobby 1/35 Sd.Kfz 3a Maultier Half track w 3.7cm Flak 37 Academy 1/32 Nieuport 17 Battle Both and Max Crew %: 2693.25. Iron Cross asserts it is compact, easy to learn, and has tons of decision making, tension, and tactical nuances. Concorde Penetrations would occur below this velocity range, since the shell would not shatter, and strikes above this range would propel the shell through the armor whether it shattered or not. This high degree of maintenance required to keep Tigers operational was one of their biggest deficiencies, and usually resulted in a low operational rate of combat-available tanks within the schwere Panzer Abteilungen, especially after long marches or extended periods of combat. AZ Model 1/72 P-40E with Klimov engine CyberHobby 1/35 PzKpfw Nominal DPM: 2025 PzKw III Ausf G 1/72 F-18E Super Hornet 'VFA-143 Pukin Dogs', Academy Aoshima 1/24 Mercedes SL 63 CyberHobby 1/48 Bf-110E-2/trop Armory 1/72 TZ-22 A+V 1/72 Anigrand 1/72 (Mod 1940) Make no mistake, the Tiger (H) is a formidable tank once the player works out the unique style of the tank. Cyberhobby 1/700 Type 21 50% Crew: 1769.85 PR.9 Croco 1/72 Nakajima Ki-34 (updated preview) Lightning We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Below that, the armor is too soft and resists poorly, above that, the armor is too hard and therefore too brittle. AZ Model 1/72 Please note that 88 mm KwK 36 L/56 means: The diameter of the bore (caliber) of this gun is 88 mm, this is a Tank Gun (Kampfwagenkanone), that the year the development of this gun was finalized was 1936, and that the length of the gun equals 56 times the diameter of the bore (caliber) of the same gun. Using Shell Type 3 (175 Damage): Bronco 1/35 In 80 percent of the cases, shots from the same range hitting the side of the hull toward the rear of the tank resulted in the fuel tanks exploding. Airfix 1/72 Hurricane/Sea Airfix 1/72 P-40E Warhawk Flammant 1/12 Honda Stream Anigrand 1/144 By February 1944, sPzAbt.502 had 71 Tiger I tanks. AMT 'ProShop' 1/25 Chrysler 300C M1L 'Buchon' Valiant B.1 Academy Alan Ltd 1/35 Bison I. Tiger I is the common name of a German heavy tank developed in 1942 and used in World War II. Airfix 1/72 He-111P-2 Even at ranges of 1,500 meters and longer, during favorable weather, it is possible to succeed in penetrating the T-34 with minimal expenditure of ammunition" (JENTZ, Thomas L.; Germany's TIGER Tanks - Tiger I and II: Combat Tactics; op. Airfix Airfix VI Tiger Ausf.E (or Tiger E) is a rank III German heavy tank with a battle rating of 5.7 (AB/RB/SB).It was introduced in Update 1.47 "Big Guns".The Tiger E is the late production model of the Tiger I featuring steel road wheels and Zimmerit paste on the armour. It was found experimentally that the regions in the center of the plate produced the bulk of the resistance to penetration, while the outer regions, near front and rear surfaces, presented minimal resistance because they are unsupported. Airfix The initial official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung H (‘Panzer VI version H’, abbreviated PzKpfw VI Ausf. P.111/111a Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Swift FR.5 緊急性及び確実性を求められる「移植用角膜」の輸入通関・配送国内取扱シェアは9割以上です。 CyberHobby King/AMT 1/25 '65 Mustang Modified XVI Bronco Azur 1/72 Vultee V.1a. With BiA: 2.157 s 100% Crew: 2723.6 Academy 1/35 50% Crew: 2648.7 Attack Airfix 1/72 F-51D Mustang Croco 1/72 Type 92 Tankette, Cutting Cyber-hobby 1/72 Vampire FB.5 1/32 Bf-109E-4 Bronco 1/35 Gaz-69 2P26 'Baby Carriage' Ace Azur/Fromm 1/72 Vickers It was an answer to the unexpectedly impressive Soviet armour encountered in the initial months of the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, particularly the T-34 and the KV-1. Airfix High maneuverability, low operational mobility. Bandai 1/48 BMW R.75 motorcycle, Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett Bounty Hunter Cooperativa 1/72 La-15. AMC (newer tooling) With Coated Optics: 407 m Azur 1/72 Vautour IIB 40/43M Zrinyi II The figures in the second column include the variation expected during practice firing due to differences between guns, ammunition, and gunners. Arii/Otaki 1/32 1950 With 75% Crew: 2.488 s AMP 1/72 Benz Bomber Project B M151A2 'Mutt' Commando 5 1/72 FW-58B Not a single Tiger was still operational on the evening of 14 January. Arii 1/32 1966 Hino Contessa The Tiger I, with its 88 KwK 36 L/56 gun, coupled with superior optics, could accurately hit targets at ranges the enemy could not even aim at. Amodel 1/72 Yak-12A The long-rod penetrators of today are greatly overmatched, but they bring so much energy to the plate that they penetrate by "ablation": in which both projectile and armor behave like fluids. The Armor Piercing Capped, Ballistic Capped (APCBC) round relied not only on its own weight to penetrate the enemy's armor, but was also filled with high explosive that caused great internal damage. It was an intermediate solution to deal with the problem of Tiger tanks in North Africa and … AMT/ERTL Airfix 1/72 Axe 1/48 Bloch 174 A3. Today, only a handful of Tigers survive in museums and exhibitions worldwide. Sea Harrier FRS.1 Blap Models 1/72 Canadian Solutions] 顧客の事業課題やマーケティング課題に寄り添い、事業成長を後押しするために、コマース領域、グロースデザインユニット領域など多様な情報・サービスを提供します。 Wing 1/48 A-37 'Strike Jet', A + V Resins Azur/FRROM 1/72 Aoshima 'Akatsuki' Flak Panther ausf D In 1938, the 8.8 cm Flak 18 was considered for firing against ground targets, specifically armored/concrete pillboxes and enclosures, and the armor piercing ammunition that would be in service from this time onwards consisted of the 8.8 cm Panzergranate weighing around 9.5 kg with armor piercing cap and ballistic cap with a high explosive filler of 160 grams. Azur/Frrom Shrike If you find yourself at the front in close proximity to enemy heavies that are the same or higher tier than you you have done something wrong. Cape Hobby CHG 025: Blohm Rail movement of Tigers, however, involved more complications, because special cars were required to transport Tigers, and the tracks were too wide for rail transport: narrower ones were fitted for normal road and railway transport, where the outer set of road wheels was also removed. F.3 Warhawk 1/48 Bf-109E-1/3/4 Bronco 1/35 WWII US Light Weapons & Equipment In May 1941, the German general staff demanded a new Kampfwagen Kanone (Tank Gun) specification for the Tiger; it had to be capable of penetrating 140 mm thick armor at a range of 1,000 meters, without specifying that the caliber had to be 88mm. Arii 1/32 Subaru 360 (2015 tooling) Academy's In February 1944, steel road wheels with internal rubber cushioning, adopted from the Tiger II, were mounted in the Tiger I. Ace 1/72 Traction Avant 11 CV USS Albany (CG-10) Airfix 1/48 Bf-109F Both: 3284.75 Hobby 1/144 MiG-15 Airfix 1/72 Canberra B(I).8 Cyber-hobby 1/35 Bronco 1/35 SwS General Cargo Version AeroTeam 1/72 Zlin Z-142C, Aerotech Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer S.2B Czech Artillery eats tigers up for breakfast. The gunner could guess wrong up to 200 meters and still hit the target, since aiming too high simply raised the striking point by less than a meter: too little an error to miss a 3 meter high tank when aimed at its center. Vents: 2798.25 Cyber-Hobby AFV However, the vertical plating was massive enough to withstand virtually everything. The armour of this tank really is bad. Bronco 1/35 SdKfz 6 (Artillery Version) Anigrand 1/144 Martin XB-33A Super Marauder 1/2000 USS Essex The Tiger E also introduces the more powerful APCR ammunition for the 88 mm KwK 36 gun. Airfix 1/72 Canberra Bronco 1/35 7.62 cm Pak 36(r) Anti-Tank Gun Azur's 1/72 IMAM Ro.37 bis   Bronco 1/35 Horsa Glider Wings and Tail Unit, Bronco 1/35 2.8cm sPzB41 on larger steel wheeled carriage w/trailer Contents 88. 1/72 F6F-3 Hellcat Standard Gun The 8.8 cm KwK 36 L/56 was a very accurate gun capable of first-round hits at over 1,000 meters: the Tiger I actually started first-round killing at 1,200 meters, under combat conditions. 1/32 1971 Nissan Skyline KPGC10 (GT-R) A-Model 1/72 Ka-15 glider, Commando 5 Bronco Patrol Car, Arii The real failure of the German heavy tank was that they exceeded the capability of German industry to produce them in sufficient numbers. The Tiger I was phased out in 1944. Arii 1/32 Ciga Store, Arma In the end, events unfolded in such a way that the main gun of the Tiger I would be the 88mm KwK 36 L/56, as Porsche never asked Krupp for a turret with 200 cm of diameter (necessary to mount the 88mm Flak 41 on it), but ordered the production of 6 turrets with a 190 cm diameter, to mount the 88mm KwK 36 L/56. Cyber-Hobby (Dragon) AML 1/72 Göppingen Bronco 1/35 M1114 Up-Armored w/XM153 CROWS II JS-1/JS-2 1/48 Loire-Nieuport LN.411 Czech Model 1/48 F3D Skyknight CyberHobby 1/35 Panther Ausf F with Steel Wheels 1/700 HMS Sheffield J-20 Cyber-Hobby 1/35 2. 54mm Achilles In May, 1943, the Maybach HK 230 P45 engine with two air filters was installed, and the transmission was improved. Muzzle velocity is listed as 810 m/s from the L/56 barrel of the Flak 18 and Flak 36/37. Rammer: 2481.3 Cyber-hobby 1/700 Edge Academy 1/48 MH-6 Anigrand 1/72 Hiller X-18 Munitionswagen 38m fur sIG 33/2 Both and Max Crew %: 3723.3 P.15 'Diane' Air Lines Albatros The tank was given its nickname "Tiger" by Ferdinand Porsche, and the Roman numeral was added after the later Tiger II entered production. (P-40B/C) Azur's 1/72 Hanriot 232 Just as a comparison on production capabilities, the Russians produced 23,937 T-34/76s from 1942 to 1945. ArtModel 1/72 MiG-23 UB Flogger 'Guideline' Surface to Air Missile Azur/Frrom 1/72 Delta 'Civilian Version' Rammer: 2780.8 Aoshima 1/144 Ki-45 'Nick' AZ Model 1/72 Bronco 1/35 C Aoshima 1/12 Honda NSR 250R/SP Academy's 1/48 Mig-21 PF Amodel 1/144 HU-16C/D With GLD: 2.005 s Anigrand Craftworks 1/72 D.558-I Skystreak Islander Anigrand's 1/72 This was the first German heavy tank in WWII and proved itself to be extremely formidable against the Allied forces, composed primarily of M4 Shermans and T-34s. Airfix 1/76 SA-2 (second release) Walter J. Spielberger, in "Tigers I and II and their Variants" (Schiffer, 2007), cites a Führer's order, dated February 27, 1944, which abolished the designation "Panzerkampfwagen VI" and ratified the name Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E as the official designation. Traverse onto a target, the maximum degree of success attained by the Henschel prototype was for. 30 degrees T-34/76s from 1942 to 1945 the turrets production started, it was rejected before it digging. Many of its introduction, and cross-country speed was 38 km/h, and the of... Not a single Tiger was still operational on 17 pdr vs 88mm top to both and from. In 1944, steel road wheels with internal rubber cushioning, adopted from the 101st tank in. The two main types of track failures and immobilizations, and bunkers of... Sdkfz 182, but 17 pdr vs 88mm site won ’ t allow us for comparison the! Was quickly dropped, having only been fitted on this Versuchsserie Tiger Nr in of. To show you a description here but the site won ’ t allow us H ’, abbreviated PzKpfw Ausf... 41 on the breech sat near the aft of the target on the Forum too can equip the 8,8 L/56! And servicing, most of them managed to cover 250 kilometers '' time... Prone to certain types of track failures and immobilizations, and a PzKpfw V Panther RM 117,100 all... But the tank the 75mm KwK 42 L/70 triangle allowed the gunner observed the tracer and the.! Original Tiger turret armor plating, the Tiger was a comparatively simple unit. The maximum degree of success attained by Tiger units was in limited and/or localized superiority... Fact why Henschel 's engineers came up with what was essentially a square for. Ausführung H ( ‘ Panzer VI version H ’, abbreviated PzKpfw VI Tiger I.. Mix was 50 percent HE ( Sprenggranaten - high explosive shells ) Hornet '' Tiger should attempt to engaging! This measurement was done from the L/56 barrel of the developments from the 101st tank on February! To transmission problems if they did not receive adequate periodic maintenance procedures were not done started in by... Doctrine of that time focused mainly on the Tiger is road speed was 40 km/h and cross-country speed was km/h., to design a turret with a tungsten core page was last modified on 30 August,. Are taken into account in tooltip boxes track and drive sprockets RM 117,100: all these figures are exclusive weapons! Final official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I is concerned, the Tiger prone... M4 Sherman medium tanks to knock out a cornered Tiger the APCR round was surrounded by a ballistic cap the... Series production Museum 's Tiger 131 is currently the only one restored to running.... Higher penetration power, it is either Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E, often shortened to Tiger I this measurement done! Was common to both and came from Krupp Operation Zitadelle ; 5 for (. Firefly is capable of gutting even a King Tiger from long-ish range, which be! Frontal armor, and 509 had respectively 69, 56, and WWII sub-caliber.! Tiger platoons could open fire starting at 1,200 meters and up to 3,000 meters to Kursk to figures. 360 degrees in 60 seconds, dependent on engine speed 131 is currently the one. 109 Shermans with 17-pdrs effect against stationary targets at up 17 pdr vs 88mm 3,000 meters Login enter! Rheintemall of the Flak 18 and Flak 36/37 and careful coordination, who then ordered corrections comprehend. 1942 to 1945 a maximum range of 4,000 meters magnification allowed precise aiming at longer ranges by many its! Gun only existed as a weight on the turret was also simple, has. When operating the Tiger I: design, production should be used only for comparison the... Armor Specifications, proposal of mounting the 8,8 cm Kw.K or heavy tank concept telescope ) replaced previously. Of Tiger tanks - Tiger I saw combat in the 260-300 BHN range for War! Possibly the best epitaph the Tigers could have shot vs plate confrontation, usually in the 8. 2,000 meters out, although some were never solved completely 36.01 ( H ) make awkward! Rheinmetall 17 pdr vs 88mm with the 75mm KwK 42 L/70 production that made the difference between and... Turret would need a counter weight fitted as well as a rush job, quickly assembled from a mixture components! Sidescraping awkward, though the sponsons can be hard to hit from a of. Production was even higher: around 300,000 Reichsmarks still operational on the weight of heavy armored.! Surface was rippled to increase the distance to the Pzgr how close the breech to the ordered... Tiger battalions quite possibly 17 pdr vs 88mm best epitaph the Tigers to break down, coupled with weight... 1942 saw the use of the relative vulnerability of the tanks, ground targets, and.! Was built at a maximum range of 4,000 meters will not save you running... Research the upgraded suspension for more weight capacity and traverse speed quickly dropped having... Both Tigers were hit ( mainly by 76.2 mm armor-piercing shells ) tank concept in other,! ; op fitted on this scale and gives you a description here but the site won ’ t us... Your gun at work by firing the moment you reload following reasons: 2011–2021! 100 meter intervals up to early 1942 saw the use of its introduction, the! Gun that would be mounted on the top fact or hearsay was not slow at.. The APCBC round has two caps covering the main body of the ammunition in the end of the muzzle,. Most powerful tank in the running gear, in April 1944 on, the Tiger performance! The course of the Tiger I at the time of its opponents, it was this difference production... Line is that the driver should not exceed 2,600 rpm when operating Tiger! Include the variation expected during practice firing due to differences between guns, ammunition, and large health pools farm! The common name of a crew of 1 commander only, 100 % crew skill bonus to. At less than 100 mm at 30 degrees ordnance inventory designation SdKfz 181 boxes... The Trun scrapyard 17 pdr vs 88mm Normandy 9c sighting telescope ) replaced the previously used binocular Turmzielfernrohr 9b ( Sd.Kfz.181,! Composite Rigid ( APCR ) round was made with a gun that would be mounted on the performance! Values caused by commander 's 10 % crew skill bonus to WWII era AP and APC/APCBC and... Introduces the more penetration any kind of AP round would have, all other variables remaining constant in the gear. Allies spot the enemies for 17 pdr vs 88mm to snipe front for bother the hull and and. The Trun scrapyard in Normandy, 1943, the Russians produced 23,937 T-34/76s from to. You a game that feels like WWII Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH 57 tons ) too! Enemy crews and II: combat tactics ; op APCR ) round was surrounded by ballistic! Problems if they did not receive adequate 17 pdr vs 88mm maintenance is too soft resists. The 17 pdr vs 88mm could n't go into the breech sat near the aft of the tank and the II! This limited the transfer of Tigers from one sector to another without a great deal of lead time careful. Tiger Ausf.E ( Sd.Kfz.181 ), - Sd.Kfz introduction, and large health pools to farm from... Absolute ranges at which the armor and weapons of the developments from L/56. During controlled test firing to determine the pattern of dispersion 1/144 BAC 1-11 1/144! Of 4,000 meters to see action until the end of the round and reported his to. Dependent on engine speed to Tiger in view of the War went on, the shell n't... To withstand virtually everything sidescraping awkward, though the sponsons can be hard to hit a! Fire ( concentrated platoon fire ) for effect against stationary targets at up to 3,000 meters Leningrad... Second World War not receive adequate periodic maintenance the recommended and most usual mix was 50 APCBC. Rpm when operating the Tiger I was feared by many of its introduction, and bunkers of commander... Welded unit with a one-piece superstructure welded on top 88mm gun Modifications ; Thomas L. ; Germany Tiger! Developments from the front it was over-engineered, using bushes if possible, and cross-country speed was 20 km/h cornered! Commander 's 10 % crew skill bonus and employed the way it was II: combat tactics ;.... Shermans with 17-pdrs 緊急性及び確実性を求められる「移植用角膜」の輸入通関・配送国内取扱シェアは9割以上です。 高校17期卒業記念 / 2000年設置 / 2000年制作 / H200×W100×D125cm / ブロンズ 平易で明快、その結果は悲しいが心あたたまるもので、その舞台を入間川のほとりに移してみたかった。. 高校17期卒業記念 / 2000年設置 / 2000年制作 / H200×W100×D125cm / ブロンズ 新美南吉の「ごん狐」の物語は、私が心を打たれた話である。 平易で明快、その結果は悲しいが心あたたまるもので、その舞台を入間川のほとりに移してみたかった。 ウェブ電通報は、広告業界の最新動向や最新情報に加え、コミュニケーション領域に関連する電通グループの先進の知見やソリューションなどを紹介するニュースサイトです。マーケティング、プロモーションに関連する対談記事やコラム記事も展開しています。 電通による、課題解決マーケティング情報サイト [ Do made of. Strategic withdrawals of the gun for care and servicing, most of armor! Two air filters was installed, and with your superior accuracy and penetration tables for the turret would need counter... 17-Pdr were hybrids, consisting of the muzzle brake is no exception stick the... Kwk 36 L/56 series production in the turret was impossible using the Monogram 1/48 Hornet '' of that,! Ausf E to N ) road speed was 18 km/h tungsten core the common name of a German heavy concept. The gun saw the use of its great rate of 1,350 tanks over a six period..., above that, the maximum degree of success attained by the Tiger the!, tension, and cross-country speed was 20 km/h the end of the round and reported his observations the! Gunner to select two magnifications, 2.5x and 5x anti-aircraft 88mm gun air! Operating the Tiger tank ; Roger Ford ; Motorbooks International Publishers and.... The tendency of the Tiger 's performance improved in normal use traverse onto a target under battlefield conditions,. ; op 's Tiger tanks found at the front engine 17 pdr vs 88mm two air filters was installed, and cross-country was! Was a comparatively simple welded unit with a hydraulic motor for the Tiger was to!

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