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This set is ideal for fast attack builds and dealing high damage. Armor Types – Light, Medium, and Heavy . So just tried Grandmaster Feline set..... Can anyone provide any arguments for using Ursine over this armor? Grandmaster Feline Gear Stats. Set Bonus: Grandmaster Feline Set Crafting Recipes: Set Bonus: Before we dive in to finding each piece, it is important to note the benefits of the Grandmaster Feline Armor. Stats; Current section. Grandmaster Feline Armor (5e Equipment) From D&D Wiki. Here's how to get it. This guide will help you start the quest for the Grandmaster Feline (Cat School) armor set, obtain all the diagrams and craft the armor parts. I'm not a fan of it, yet I want to use the cat amour for it stats and bonuses. URSINE BEAR SCHOOL SET . Grandmaster Feline Armor; Grandmaster Ursine Set; He also sells all kinds of local armor and outfits, which is great if you want to cosplay a native Toussaintian. Ðarkstar Senior user #2 Jun 1, 2016. … edit: this should also be in mods or suggestions . You have heard the story of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, now it's the time for the sequel, the Wolf who wears the Bear Clothing. By comparable, I mean light armor, of similar stats, and decent matching design to … It seems the consensus is that grandmaster armor is expensive, really expensive. Masks remove the hood as well, it's a nice touch. Il sera fait pour votre commande spéciale, selon toutes vos mesures. Witcher 3 Cat School Gear Grandmaster Stats, Beautyful Cats, Witcher 3 Cat School Gear Grandmaster Stats. I will warn you though, this set is a robust heavy armor that gives you more resistance and armor than Mandalorian iron and may make the game a bit too easy. Acquiring a set of Grandmaster Ursine armor is no easy task, but it's well worth the effort. 1. As you can see there's a strange bug with some Grandmaster gear when carried over into a NG+ in that some stats get buffed to greater than Legendary stats. There are 5 available Grandmaster armor sets representing 5 different Witcher schools – Bear, Griffin, Wolf, Cat and Manticore. Bonus for 3 pieces: Strong Attacks increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set. Last but not least, you can find some fancy horse gear in his shop – all the pieces have the same stats, but they look different. Masks remove the hood as well, it's a nice touch. C’est un cosplay entièrement à la main, de haute qualité basé sur le costume de the witcher, porté par Geralt de Rivia dans le jeu vidéo. As it turns, they are only a slight upgrade over the Viper Set. Grandmaster version of the Feline set. Some people suggest that you steer clear of the Feline Gear Set unless you’re a seasoned Witcher 3 veteran, but I say the benefits are just too good to … VIDEO GUIDE: WITCHER 3 Manticore Armor Set: Diagram Locations, Crafting, Stats, Appearance . I really wish the sets were at least a little stronger stats-wise. Armor type: Light; Special stats: Increased attack power, resistance to elemental damage; Set bonuses: (3/6) Strong attacks increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set; (6/6) Rear attacks deal 50% more damage, and also stun opponents at the cost of 1 Adrenaline Point. Cat Armor is better for players who like to be able to move quickly and dodge efficiently rather than absorb damage. Tier (Rarity) Witcher Item: Sub-Type: Armor: Price – Weight: 7.26 # of Slots: 3: Armor: 410: Disassembled Component 1: Mastercrafted Feline armor: 1: Disassembled Component 2: Infused slyzard hide: 2: Disassembled Component 3: Enriched dimeritium plate: 2: Disassembled … Jump to: navigation, search. Grandmaster Ursine Gear is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. I noticed that having 3 vs. 6 pieces of the set changes the abilities you get. The Manticore Armor set is another of the Grandmaster Armor sets that is only available in the Duchy of Toussaint through the Blood and Wine DLC. Feline Witcher gear is a light-weight gear that mainly boosts your stamina regeneration and attack power. Again, you can start the treasure hunt or simply go directly to the source and unearth the Cat Armor diagrams. THE WITCHER 3 - WILD HUNT: Geralt Grandmaster Feline Figure . Grandmaster Wolven armor is craftable armor and part of the Wolf School gear in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Set bonuses. Grandmaster's Armor is a set of enchanted studded leather armor +6, which offers an basic armor class of 1 and offers the normal bonuses to specific type of attacks like all studded leather armor. Bear armor should get a buff to be honest...30% chance for quen is sorta weak in comparison. The Grandmaster Armor is an awesome set to have in The Witcher 3. Armor (light armor), legendary (requires attunement) This black leather armor has realistic looking cat ears on the attached black leather hood.

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