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Which means Grantland may be almost dead, but it won’t go away entirely. Jordan Ritter Conn Grantland Jul … Well, here’s some wild news from ESPN’s PR department: This morning, interim editor-in-chief Chris Connelly told his staff that there was a mandatory conference call at 1:50 p.m. Nearly 4 years ago, a 12-year-old boy was murdered in a small town in upstate New York. When Deadspin reached out to ESPN last week to ask if Grantland was being shuttered, a spokesman declined comment. At least not right now. It’s still up in the air what will happen to all of the staffers. But five months after founder Bill Simmons left the company, ESPN … In 2018, Fraser claimed to be "blacklisted" by Hollywood. If anything like that had happened today, it’s hard to imagine that New Jack would’ve ever worked in wrestling again. Long live Bill Simmons. Grantland was left for dead after that so they felt betrayed in that sense as well. Some writers were out on assignment; one was even at an airport. “We are going to continue to do it, … That'll be the standard way to handle these events in … Jalen and Jacoby break down Boogie’s dominance, Westbrook’s excitement about Durant’s return, the rookies making strides in the NBA, and Jalen’s plan to court Halle Berry. On the future of Grantland, Skipper said ESPN is committed to the site in the post-Simmons era and does not expect a mass exodus. That’s because, another source says, Simmons has been warring with ESPN both by acting as a source for writer Jim Miller, and by more nefarious means. Sport As it happened: Tigers smash Giants to claim grand final By Dean Bilton Richmond has claimed its second grand final in three years with an 89-point thumping of the Giants at the MCG. In retrospect, the editorial exodus looks to have been more or less the end. ESPN killed Grantland today. Yea, this is what I've gathered. Fraser spoke out in an interview with GQ alleging he was sexually assaulted by a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.. Fraser claimed HFPA's Philip Berk assaulted him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2003. And now it’s happened in 2015 with, and to, the Bill Simmons era. [19] A number of former Grantland employees, including Sean Fennessey, Chris Ryan, Mallory Rubin, Juliet Litman, Craig Gaines, Bryan Curtis, Ryan O'Hanlon, Danny Chau, Shea Serrano, Jason Concepcion, Riley McAtee, Joe Fuentes, and Tate Frazier have joined the new venture. Grantland was a sports and pop-culture blog owned and operated by ESPN. John Walsh, the longtime ESPN executive editor often credited with launching Simmons’s career and helping to birth Grantland, says he’s less surprised that the axe fell than by the timing. In May 2015, ESPN's President John Skipper told The New York Times that ESPN would not be renewing Simmons' contract, effectively ending Simmons' tenure at ESPN. [22], Sports and pop culture website founded by Bill Simmons and owned by ESPN, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Bill Simmons on Launch of Grantland.com and How Sponsors Will Keep the Site Free", "ESPN President John Skipper on Bill Simmons: "It Was Business, "Bill Simmons will be replaced at Grantland by Chris Connelly", "Lessons learned from Grantland's tragic story on Dr. V", "The Dr. V Story: A Letter From the Editor", "ESPN Shutters Grantland, Effective Immediately", "ESPN Closing Grantland Is The Dumbest 'Smart' Business Decision", "The fall of ESPN's Grantland – an enterprisey take", "ESPN layoffs will gut the network's production staff", "ESPN's Problems Are of Its Own Making -- The Motley Fool", "ESPN shuts down Grantland months after parting ways with Bill Simmons", "Oh ESPN, why did you have to kill Grantland? There were hints that this would happen, starting with the departure of Grantland founder Bill Simmons in May. Picking up the pieces after the New England debacle. The last thing I will say about this: If you weren't in that office with us at the end of Grantland, you don't have a clue what happened. After initially dismissing all criticisms and drawing even more fire, Grantland's editor-in-chief Bill Simmons published a response to the criticism, acknowledging errors made by Grantland and Hannan, including Hannan's outing of Vanderbilt to one of her investors and Grantland's "collective ignorance about the issues facing the transgender community in general, as well as our biggest mistake: not educating ourselves on that front before seriously considering whether to run the piece". ", "Bill Simmons Announces New Website, The Ringer", "Bill Simmons's New Site Has A Name And Some New Hires", "Bill Simmons To Produce For 'Game Of Thrones' Aftershow On HBO", "Bill Simmons' HBO Show, 'Any Given Wednesday,' Arrives in June", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Grantland&oldid=991316776, Internet properties disestablished in 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 12:30. "After careful consideration, we have decided to direct our time and energy … [9] A profile of Simmons in Rolling Stone, published in April 2014, lambasted him at length over the Dr. V matter and incorporated criticism from senior ESPN personnel, but also included Simmons' defenses and disagreements with some of the harsher criticisms of the article. There were hints that this would happen, starting with the departure of Grantland founder Bill Simmons in May. This Is What Really Happened to Floki, Gustaf Skarsgård's Character on 'Vikings' By Leila Kozma. ... Luke Jones and Nestor reconstruct what happened after halftime and what felt like a comfortable lead against Tennessee on Sunday. When confronted with a major issue the impulse at Grantland was to tell everybody exactly what happened and adapt so it doesn't happen again, something that is a distinct late-Gen-X shift in approaches to these things. — Jay Caspian Kang. Grantland was considered by some to be the highest-quality work under the umbrella of ESPN and received critical acclaim, but its financial success has been widely debated. Combine all of that with a previous work culture of everyone being friends with everybody and the boss being cool and everyone's just working on what they're passionate about and you eventually leave a lot of people burnt. What Happened at Brian Holloway’s House? — Dave Schilling (@dave_schilling) February 8, 2016 It’s a reality, and the stuff of “On to the next one.” You get a chance, you make your chance, you go forward; you get heartbroken, you start again, because this feels valuable. In March 2019, one of Siegfried and Roy's former tiger handlers, Chris Lawrence, told The Hollywood Reporter it was a mistake on Roy's part that prompted the tiger to attack. HBO. As part of this deal, he would host a … It’s a false conclusion that doubles as being recklessly unfair. Disney is an unrelenting scumbag corporation. The 40-odd remaining writers and editors at the sports and culture website found out virtually when everyone else did. One Grantlander says that no one knew the four editors were leaving to join Simmons until the day they left. We want to hear what you think about this article. Pulling the trigger so quickly in the wake of Simmons’s latest jab at Goodell leaves ESPN in a precarious position. Once everyone called in, Connelly broke the news. Jalen and Jacoby are over on jalenandjacoby.com, which hosts the video/podcast of their espn radio show that is on from like 7-9pm est, mon-fri. Back in the spring of 2020, the California resident revealed to his 1.5 million Twitter followers that he had been in a dark headspace and that he needed to take time off from social media. Grantland. During his five-month stint at Grantland, he opted not to do any interviews with any media (for reasons he states below). He let on that he “had some sense that this could happen” after taking some time to collect his thoughts on the death of his protege’s brainchild. The site featured contributions from Simmons alongside other sports and pop-culture writers and podcasters including: Holly Anderson, Mallory Rubin, Katie Baker, Bill Barnwell, Rembert Browne, Andy Greenwald, Bryan Curtis, Kirk Goldsberry, Steven Hyden, Michael Weinreb, David Jacoby, Jonah Keri, Chuck Klosterman, Molly Lambert, Mark Lisanti, Zach Lowe, Robert Mays, Davy Rothbart, Sean McIndoe, Brian Phillips, Charles P. Pierce, former NBA player Jalen Rose, Shea Serrano, Andrew Sharp, Louisa Thomas and Mark Titus. While Grantland writers are on contract, editors are at-will. Grantland Rice, in full Henry Grantland Rice, (born Nov. 1, 1880, Murfreesboro, Tenn., U.S.—died July 13, 1954, New York, N.Y.), sports columnist and author who established himself over many years as one of the United States’ leading sports authorities. FiveThirtyEight-Wikipedia A Tip To Teddy by Grantland Rice Theodore Roosevelt was no fan of the game of baseball even though one of his sons chose to play it regularly — including outside the White House itself. This summer, news broke that ESPN would be making enormous budget cuts over the next two years. In his first interview since he made the decision to shutter Grantland, ESPN President John Skipper said the revered sports and pop culture site could have been saved if some of its key staffers did n [10], On October 30, 2015, ESPN officially announced the shut down of Grantland: “After careful consideration, we have decided to direct our time and energy going forward to projects that we believe will have a broader and more significant impact across our enterprise.” [2] The closing of Grantland was met with harsh criticism of ESPN, from both former writers of Grantland and admirers of the site. “It was hard to imagine in 1996,” Heyman says with a laugh. [20], Additionally, Simmons has launched a podcasting network, featuring shows re-purposed from the Grantland network, including The Watch with Ryan and television critic Andy Greenwald and his own podcast The Bill Simmons Podcast. [21], Simmons debuted a weekly show on HBO, titled Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, on June 22, 2016. Grantland distinguished itself with quality writing, smart ideas, original thinking and fun. As Stephen Carter from the Chicago Tribune put it, "This was sportswriting for grownups. What happened to Grantland yesterday is the product of cosmically upsetting corporate maneuvering and I hate that, as I’ve hated it forever. But make no mistake: ESPN didn’t end Grantland. [15] It has also been widely reported that in 2015 ESPN lost 3.2 million subscribers due to consumers abandoning traditional cable packages. On July 22, 2015, Simmons announced he had signed a new multi-platform deal with HBO starting in October 2015. As one senior ESPN source told CNN, “We’re getting out of the pop culture business.”, Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise, Monday's Best Deals: Cyberpunk 2077, 55" TCL 4K TV, Nintendo Switch Games, and More, departure of Grantland founder Bill Simmons. Aaron Dana ... Grantland A grim review of Let's Be Cops, amid the violence of the Michael Brown shooting. I’m sad that it’s ending, just like the rest of the people who are concerned with the literate sports word world. Much like Grantland, which ESPN launched in 2011, the site will retain an independent brand sensibility and editorial point-of-view, while interfacing with other websites in the ESPN and Disney families. Grantland was named after famed early-20th-century sportswriter Grantland Rice (1880–1954). What happened to CallMeCarson? “I didn’t know it would be now,” he said. [17] Its sports journalism pieces often had a strong focus on sports analytics and data analysis, referencing and pulling data from sites like Football Outsiders, Baseball Prospectus, Synergy, and ESPN. [3] Later in the month, Chris Connelly was announced as interim editor-in-chief.[4]. The shutdown was also coming at a time of relative financial uncertainty for ESPN. [1] The blog was started in 2011 by veteran writer and sports journalist Bill Simmons, who remained as editor-in-chief until May 2015. narrative, either because they wanted to sensationalize the story, or they simply didn’t read the piece carefully. Community November 17, 2020 0. I don't think that the content or production has held up since moving to daily but it's better than listening to myself rant about things I don't know about. "What Roy did was, instead of walking Montecore in a circle, as is usually done, he just used his arm to steer him right back into his body, in a pirouette motion," Chris told the outlet. To our dismay, a few outlets pushed some version of the Grantland writer bullies someone into committing suicide! It just pulled the plug on a light bulb that burned out months ago. Huffington Post writer Justin Block writes, “In an era ruled by bite-sized content and dumbed-down click-bait journalism, Grantland's defining characteristic came at odds with sustainable finances.”[13] Grantland's articles were often long form and usually not instant but measured reactionary pieces, a trend not common in today's media landscape. The suspects are well known, but nobody has been convicted of the crime. The four editors’ exits were coordinated, and Simmons, according to this source, told the editors who jumped ship with him that a condition of their employment was that they couldn’t warn anyone at ESPN they were leaving, in order to hit the site as hard as possible. Some have concluded that Grantland's closure represents a trend in today's media business that unless you are one of the biggest web properties or smallest one-person “micro sites” it's tough to be economically viable. "[18] These pieces would also often include a data visualization representation. That’s what Grantland did when one of their writers, Caleb Hannan (who has since gone silent online), published a voyeuristic piece in which he outed a trans woman. Former Editor-in-Chief Bill Simmons called the shut down “simply appalling.”[11] ESPN president John Skipper said the decision to shut down the site was not a financial matter and instead was done because ESPN did not see the value in spending the time and energy necessary to continue the excellence of Grantland. October 30, 2015. by Jalen Rose and David Jacoby ‘Jalen and Jacoby’: Discussing DeMarcus Cousins, the Thunder, and More. Disney didn't do this. Grantland Rice decided to give a A Tip To Teddy and the prose below was published in the June 1909 issue of Baseball Magazine for the President of the United States to read. Grantland got shut down. The site will return to its original URL, www.FiveThirtyEight.com." [18] Grantland wove statistics into part of the story and made the analytics understandable to the average sports fan. MASN MASN Money For Dummies (Part 2): Understanding MASN, Orioles history and big money for Chris Davis. What happened to Grantland yesterday is the product of cosmically upsetting corporate maneuvering and I hate that, as I’ve hated it forever. Why did Brendan Fraser stop acting? Former contributors include Men in Blazers duo Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, Spike Friedman, Tom Bissell, Lane Brown, Jason Concepcion, author Dave Eggers, author Malcolm Gladwell, Justin Halpern, Mark Harris, Jay Caspian Kang, screenwriter of the movie Rounders Brian Koppelman, Juliet Litman, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Wesley Morris, Chris Ryan, MacArthur Award-winning novelist Colson Whitehead and Emily Yoshida. ... James Andrew Miller, who co-wrote the oral history on ESPN, said the decision happened recently: In September 2015, ESPN laid off 300 employees or approximately 5% of its workforce. The blog was started in 2011 by veteran writer and sports journalist Bill Simmons, who remained as editor-in-chief until May 2015. On October 30, 2015, ESPN announced that it was ending the publication of Grantland.[2]. And hopefully not ever. Plenty of writers have dissected Grantland’s mistakes in reporting a story about the entrepreneur with a checkered past who happened to be transgender. Grantland’s sportswriters are expected to be brought over to ESPN.com. “Oh, wow,” Walsh, who retired earlier this year, said upon getting the news. ESPN killed Grantland today. Updated 1 year ago. “This was Bill’s vision and Bill’s baby and these were Bill’s hires, and he’s brilliant. It’s a loss.”. ESPN is shutting down the much-loved sports and culture site Grantland. [14] Grantland received 6 million unique visitors in March 2015, a number that some people believed could not support a staff of 50 writers, editors and IT personnel. Before the article was published, Vanderbilt committed suicide. [12], Grantland's closure was seen by many as another blow against long-form journalism. Months after it decided not to renew its contract with Simmons, ESPN shut down the Grantland website on October 30, 2015.

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