write opposite of loss of rs 700

Explain what zero means in each situation. Explain how they are related to zero. We have, C.P. 1. Scientific Notation is simply a number format that includes a multiplication of 10 to the power of either a negative number, for small numbers, or to the power of a positive number, for larger numbers. One will have a positive sign, the other a negative sign. S.P. Example 1: Every Number has an Opposite Locate the number 8 and its opposite on the number line. (d) Opposite of loss of Rs 700 is profit of Rs 700. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Write opposite of the following:a) 30 km northb)Increase in weightc)Loss of Rs. a) Spending Rs. of one dozen oranges = Rs 5. Write the integer that represents the opposite of each situation. 9, -2, 4, -7 3. Locate the opposites of the numbers on the number line. 3. Gain = 16% of cost price = Rs (\(\frac{16}{100}\) x 1250) = Rs 200. Profit and Loss Exercise - Mathematics or Quantitative Aptitude Questions Answers with Solutions for All other Competitive Exams. We know that the word signifying the opposite of "loss" is "profit". Solution. Write opposites of the following: (a) Increase in weight (b) 30 km north (c) 80 m east (d) Loss of Rs 700 (e) 100 m above sea level Solutions: (a) The opposite of increase in weight is decrease in weight (b) The opposite of 30 km north is 30 km south (c) The opposite of 80 m east is 80 m west The maximum temperature rise in a large transformer is determined by the full load test. So, the opposite statement is: "Profit of Rs 700". (c) Opposite of 326 BC is 326 AD. No changes are done on the amount(Rs 700). + Gain = Rs 1250 + Rs 200 = Rs 1450. b) A negative integer is always _____than 0. c) The _____integer is its own opposite/additive inverse. Prepare Trading and Profit and Loss Account for the year ended 31st March, 2018 and Balance Sheet as at that date after giving effect to the following adjustments: (a) … 700 b) 2 years after c) going north. Step-by-step explanation: hope this helps you 700 d) 100 m a bove sea level FILL in the blanks: a) Sum of an integer and its additive inverse is always equal to ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐. Antonyms for profit include loss, debt, deficiency, deficit, arrears, shortage, shortfall, dues, inadequacy and undersupply. = C.P. Loss percent = 4% Find more opposite words at wordhippo.com! This method reduces the amount of digits and especially zeros needed to write in representing a number. (b) Opposite of 30 km North is 30 km South. Let's revisit the problem from the top of this page using integers to solve it. In the number line above, + 3 and -3 are labeled as opposites. Find the selling price of one orange. Example 3: Krishnamurti bought oranges at Rs 5 a dozen. He had to sell them at a loss of 4%. Back-to-Back Test (Sumpner’s Test) on Transformer Definition: The full load test on a small transformer is very convenient, but on the large transformer, it is very difficult. Write opposites of the following: (a) ... Loss of Rs 700 (e) 100 m above sea level (a) Opposite of increase in weight is decrease in weight. Exercises 2–3 2. Two integers are opposites if they are each the same distance away from zero, but on opposite sides of the number line. 2.

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