advantages of regeneration geography

For example, Longbridge was a major centre for car manufacturing. Canary Wharf in London is another successful redevelopment that even managed to generate 7,000 jobs for the locals (Daniels and Bobe, 1993). Aikivuori (1994) points out that refurbishments may sometimes be required when there is a need for change in the land-use as well as when there is a need to increase or secure the market value of the building. Diagonal Mar is a residential and commercial district located on the coast within the Barcelona urban area. This disinclination of the population is likely to remain in the highly urbanised areas resulting in a number of blight properties that are likely to fall into a state of disrepair if structural investment keeps lacking. Search. As a result, the unimproved properties would experience an increase in value as a result of the nearby investments done by the others. (2001) and Hobman and Bordia (2006), the influences of the professional work background on the attitudes towards a renewal project can also make a difference. According to Evans (2001), arts and cultural industries can distinguish themselves by restoring identities and economies with other lifestyles. We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on (2004), disagrees and argues that cultural forms of consumption can actively enhance and enliven local communities. According to Kocabas, (2000a), evaluating the impact of protection planning would ideally assess outcomes against the physical, social and economic objectives. Bailey et al. o At its peak in 1965, over 25,000 people were employed there. Kantor et al. Nonetheless, one should not forget that there are always a set of constraints that are likely to slow or halt the process of urban renewal. Throughout the last number of years, the local citizens have also been emphasizing that new developments should retain their own characteristic and identity in order to reflect their collective memories. In spite of these successful cases of regeneration, the process of urban renewal still generates a great deal of heated debate especially when faced fierce opposition from the locals that fear that there would no significant improvement in their standard of living such as in the case of Canary Wharf in London. Furthermore, Wyly and Hammel (1999, p.716) add that the process of gentrification complements: “class transformation of those parts of the city that suffered from systematic outmigration, disinvestment and neglect, or neglect in the midst of rapid economic growth and suburbanisation”. On the other hand, Borja et al. (1997), stresses the significance of local urban democratic conditions in creating inclusive governing that can influence the local community’s ability to participate and have a reach in the business. “Urban regeneration” inherently comprises such interventions, from renewal to rehabilitation, and thus can provide opportunities to introduce spatial policies that address climate change. Study Geography: Regenerating places CASE STUDIES flashcards from Morgan V's bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Perhaps, following Myrdal’s Cumulative Causation theory (1972) might help inject vigour into the local economy from the institutional set-up (Fujita, 2004). The Olympic athletes village was converted to … Diagonal Mar - a gated community. As defined by Kennedy and Leonard (2001), gentrification involves the processes of reinvestment and revitalisation to enhance the physical and socio-economic components of cities. All work is written to order. Hubbard (2006) added that the social as well as economic conditions of an area are usually worsened though the regeneration and gentrification policies that are meant to be beneficial. Furthermore, Claxton and Siora (2008) sustain that the most successful developments are those supported by the local authorities where planning or economic development departments work together. Many brands image was intentionally created to simulate lo… Therefore, employment in the tertiary, quaternary and quinary sectors of production, usually associated with having a university degree, is a key indicator of gentrification according to Ley (2003). Sometimes change is not successful and an area goes into decline again (e.g. We will look at natural regeneration first discussing how it can be accomplished and advantages and … It is evident that one of biggest barriers when it comes to building maintenance is the owners’ awareness that find it difficult to realise the basic forms of decay and the resulting impact on the building material (Kangwa and Olubodun, 2003). Williams (2006) suggested that in order to ensure a more successful project, the ruling authority can also use its powers relating to property development to influence the planning, the infrastructure and the compulsory purchase powers together with the availability of public land assets.

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