where do the simpsons live state

There are many local ways of speaking that could be used to locate Springfield within the United States. Furthermore, Marge is of French ancestry (her maiden name is Bouvier), so maybe she is Cajun. 1 1. furgeson. The Simpsons also make it clear of the states they don't live in, like Alaska and Hawaii are where they don't live for sure, remember when Homer was a pilot, and he got offered free tickets to anywhere in the U.S. besides Hawaii and Alaska, and Lisa and Bart ask to go to those states! The Simpsons live in the fictional state of North Tacoma (NT). In "That '90s Show", the rock music genre Grunge was shown to have been invented in Springfield by Homer's band Sadgasm. Also, on Homer's driver's license, the state is NT and the zip code is 49007, which is a Kalamazoo, Michigan zip code. This means that Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming are all not possible. 0 0. The capital of Kentucky, Frankfort, has an airport named "Capital City Airport" and is located within an hour's drive of Springfield, Shelbyville and Simpsonville. Also, in the Simpsons Jumbo Rain-Or-Shine Fun Book, there is a fill-in-the-blank story in which Lisa says, "There's a car with ____ strapped to its roof!" That the NASA space team failed to do so not once or even twice but three times is the true disaster." In "Trash of the Titans", a "Plan B" exists that lets the city move. Florida -Minnesota -South Dakota. Lv 6. He asks an attendant standing on the final carriage where it is going and is told "Springfield". It should be noted that the Eiffel Tower appears to be closer than the Statue of Liberty, which is impossible. But in many episodes, they give us clue to which state they don't live in. He commented that the fictional Springfield is based on Springfield, Oregon, located south of Portland. Although the family is dysfunctional, many episodes examine their relationships and bonds with each other and they are often shown to care about one another. Ned Flanders shows elements of a Southern accent (perhaps, bolstered by his identification with Southern Baptism or Evangelism) and the local Spuckler family especially has strong, rural Southern accents. Also, in The Simpsons Movie, Ned Flanders says that Kentucky is one of the four states that border Springfield. Ned Flanders' comment that Springfield borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky, though geographically impossible, would lend credit to this theory. Ned's joke is just a joke and not meant to be taken literally like most other hints. In The Simpsons Movie, the Simpsons move to Alaska, which means that they don't live there. Discussion in 'The Small Screen' started by JRNetwork, Jan 2, 2006. The Springfield Town Hall is based on the town hall in Chelmsford, and Zesty's Pizza (which has been a landmark in the small Mass town for decades) appears in the mid Season 20-present opening sequence. Virginia did not allow gay marriages at the time; it has been previously stated that the Simpsons' state does not allow gay marriages. It is also possible that if the town was located next to the Mississippi River, they could also receive "W" stations on their radio. Moe has mentioned that American rock singer Dave Grohl was once mugged in Springfield. Next, from 1861 to 1865, it fought in the Civil War. Of the 14 townships, 9 are in Pennsylvania, 2 are in Michigan, 2 are in New Jersey, and 1 is in Minnesota’. Another observation in favor of New Jersey would be the frequent use of the word "Hoagie" to describe a large sandwich on a roll, a term used almost exclusively in the Philly PA area (on the NJ border) and all across New Jersey. The state with the city of Springfield in it! Indiana does not border an ocean, but does in fact touch Lake Michigan, which could possibly appear similar to an ocean. All of these statistics preclude every state in America except for Illinois. 4 years ago. The Simpsons! Despite this, the state has a wide array of wildlife, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, and manatees. Of the 11 towns, 4 are in Wisconsin. Springfield's geography, and that of its surroundings, contains coastlines, deserts, vast farmland, tall mountains, or whatever the story or joke requires. In "Trilogy of Error", Springfield is seen from space and appears to be in Missouri. If you’re a fan of the television cartoon the Simpsons, you’ll know that one of the most coveted secrets in the entertainment industry is the actual US state that is home to the legendary mythical town of Springfield. So, no, they never say what state Springfield is in, though they do come close in "Much Apu About Nothing". However, this has never been officially confirmed in any canonical episode of the show or by other Simpsons producers. The new area code, 939, is in Puerto Rico. The family has been to New York City and Canada by bus. Springfield, Massachusetts is referenced by the "Springfield Memorial Bridge", which separates Springfield from West Springfield in the show and in Massachusetts. This is impossible given that only Ohio and Kentucky are actual neighboring states, but it rules them out as possible locations. Also, in "The Otto Show" visiting rock band Spinal Tap mentions when their tour bus was driving down Route 401 they first thought they were going to Shelbyville. https://www.qt.com.au/news/could-simpsons-really-be-living-australia/2554002/#:~:text=There%20are%20places%20named%20Springfield,based%20on%20one%20of%20those. The town square found in the Simpsons' "Springfield" is very similar to that of one in Springfield, Illinois. Illinois borders one of these states. The location of The Simpsons’ hometown Springfield has been a closely guarded secret over the animated series’ run. When Brockman asks him about the traffic below, Snake mentions a pileup on the "101/405 interchange", which is a real highway crossroads located in Sherman Oaks, California. There is also Swartzwelder County which borders Springfield and the rural Spittle County, which claims to be the birthplace of the "loogie". After the Simpsons are expelled from Florida, Marge and Homer mark that state on a map, which shows only two states remaining that still welcome the Simpsons: Arizona and North Dakota, but Homer crosses out Arizona because "it smells funny" and it is mockingly announced that the Simpsons are going to North Dakota, but logically, the only remaining state on a map would have to be the state in which the Simpsons reside. Plus, the city has a vulnerability to every sort of natural disaster, which no one area would have. I don't know what is their state . A circle of exactly 1000 kilometers would sweep (clockwise) southwestern Texas, eastern New Mexico, mid-eastern Colorado, northwestern Nebraska, center-southeastern South Dakota, central Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, central Michigan, central Ohio, southwestern West Virginia, a very small and uninhabited segment in the easternmost tip of Kentucky, southwestern Virginia, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, northwestern South Carolina, central Georgia, northwestern Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes it snows in Springfield, the town once experienced a hurricane, its ocean coast has an oil platform close offshore, and Springfield's western side (which is three times the size of Texas) is a vast oil field. 21 Answers. This balance means that most of the population works in low paid, blue collar jobs. However, Springfield has been shown to be close to the Canadian border, as the Simpsons have made day-trips into Canada, and everybody in Springfield knows the Canadian Anthem. The Powers of 10 couch gag again left the location of Springfield something of a mystery. What state do the Simpsons live in? West Springfield, for instance, is a large, desert-like region, apparently three times larger than Texas;[20] an almost perfect match with the Australian Outback. Their interchange is in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. Georgia -Missouri -Tennessee. That has yet to be detemined. What STATE do the SIMPSONS live in? Earlier, when they were still on the river, the Krusty Burger map shows two locations at two oil rigs, one off of each coast. 2 réponses. 1 decade ago. (And what state do they live in??) Also, in "Simpsons Tall Tales", when the Simpsons arrive on a train to Delaware, they pass the Mississippi River, meaning that they live somewhere west of it. It should be noted that in "Homer Alone", the lobby of Rancho Relaxo (located in the Springfield Mountains) plays the radio station "Coma", whose call letters are WKOMA. In Off-topic. In "New Kid on the Block", Alice Glick sells her house and Homer tells her, "Going to run out the clock in Florida, hey?" It, too, is a Southern state, so the comment about Springfield being in a Northern state provides more evidence. The 'proof' that the Simpsons are from Springfield, South Dakota comes toward the end of the same episode. Some of the members of the Simpson and Bouvier family are named after Matt Groening's parents and siblings: his father Homer, mother Margaret/Marge (whose maiden name was Wiggum), younger sisters Lisa and Maggie, and older sister Patty. However, this could have been fake, as she was on the run from the police. While Portland does not border nethier an ocean nor a desert, the Pacific and the Oregon High Desert are relatively close by. Oregon boasts a uniquely diverse environment, and many of the geographic landmarks in and around Springfield have Portland analogues; the Murderhorn/Widow's Peak/Mount Springfield range resembles the Cascade Mountains, the Springfield Gorge references the Columbia River Gorge, and the river that runs through the middle of Springfield recalls the Willamette in both appearance and toxicity. 1 decade ago. [17] However, as with the Canada interpretation, The Simpsons has been proven beyond doubt to be set in the United States, ruling out any possible non-US setting. Springfield is located in a state that borders an ocean when it is convenient to have such. Then again, it could be that Marge is simply falling in line with the age-old running gag of Jersey bashing prevalent in The Simpsons, as well as "Futurama". [13] Such a distance would imply a setting in the extreme southeast of Texas, close to the Mexican border. Oh, right. Smash is able to drive an aircraft carrier to New York City. Groening also confirmed recently that Springfield was in fact based on Springfield, Oregon. Larry knows, but he asks what state. Therefore, it is plausible that Springfield is located in Washington. After the photo shoot, the picture is seen back in Springfield in The Springfield Shopper newspaper, which Moe reads to Barney (additional evidence that Congressman Bob Arnold is Springfield’s congressman). That question seems to be as difficult to answer as what state do the Simpsons live in. In "Lisa the Beauty Queen", Lisa greets a boatload of immigrants to be deported. If Skinner drives on real-life roads it would put him in South-east Oregon, Idaho or California. It is known that the city of Springfield borders the ocean, meaning landlocked states could not house Springfield. Actually, the tallest mountain in the United States, Mount McKinley in Alaska, rises less than four miles above sea level. to which Marge responds to by saying, "They must be from California.". Springfield also has a nuclear power plant, a naval base, an army base and an air force base. A former Governor was Chester L. Suicide, who has a bridge named in his honor.[6]. The state is heavily polluted due to years of environmental neglect by the government and the local nuclear plants. The Simpsons, which state do they live in. There is an Evergreen Court Lane in Springfield, Illinois. In "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". Lv 6. Favorite Answer. The couch gag for "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" and "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" feature the camera zooming out from the Simpson home to outside the universe (ala Power of 10). Simpsons creator Matt Groening finally revealed the location of Springfield - it's based on the town in Oregon, near Portland, where he grew up. 1 decade ago. The show is intentionally evasive in regard to Springfield's location. However, this is only slightly relevant - he could have been visiting the state at the time. … On a similar note, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson had it being implied that Springfield was at the very least within walking distance to New York during Homer's youth, as he mentioned that he was traveling through it to get to a Harrisburg Coat store for an irregular coat, and it was also implied that it was also within driving/bus distance from Springfield to New York City. Also, in "The Italian Bob", Homer is seen in an Italian airport waving an American flag while shouting "Don't mess with Texas". However, in "Take My Wife, Sleaze", Chief Wiggum remarks to Homer on the phone, "Well, uh, be that as it may, the gang is wanted in eight other states and we have a little saying around here: 'let Michigan handle it.'" In Delaware State Route 401 ends just north of Shelbyville, DE. Other cities in the state include: Cypress Creek, founded by the Globex Corporation; Ogdenville, the Norwegian settlement famous for the Springfield Monorail; Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport, known as America's scrod basket; and Capital City, the largest city and the state capital. Australian news publication Queensland Times suggested in February 2015 that Springfield may in fact be located in Australia,[16] in view of the appearance of the Moon when Elon Musk viewed it from 742 Evergreen Terrace. The state is both too small and is not close to the ocean. Below I will give a few reasons why I think the Simpsons live there. Creating an entire news article to deliver a one-word answer isn’t easy. During the entire 23 years the show’s been on the air, the creators have made it one of the most successfully guarded secrets on TV. This would lead to somewhere in the Midwest, such as Kentucky. Points whore. Episodes frequently make fun of the fact that Springfield's state has never been revealed, by adding further conflicting descriptions, obscuring onscreen map representations, and interrupting conversational references. In "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times", the Rich Texan on whom Homer wishes to seek revenge tells Bart that he and Homer have buried the hatchet because the two are both from Connecticut. Not a total shock, considering Groening grew up in Portland, Ore. He exclaims, "What kind of an airline routes all their flights through Nome, Alaska?". Répondre Enregistrer. In "Lisa the Iconoclast", when a few members of Springfield are digging up the grave of Jebediah Springfield (looking for a literal silver tongue), Groundskeeper Willie tosses a shovel-full of dirt onto the eternal flame of Adlai Stevenson. So I guess you could say Virginia, because that state won the contest. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. In "Radioactive Man ", the cast and crew of the Radioactive Man movie are looking for a place to film it in. So bare with us as we throw a couple fun facts at readers to set the stage. 1 decade ago. This city is used in a lot of shows, movies and the soaps because there are cities called Springfield in a bunch of states. Fat Tony tells Apu that his false identity was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For this author, it’s the episode where Bart sells his soul to the devil in exchange for a ‘fudgicle’. Also, Cypress Creek (the community where the Simpsons move, which is said to be upstate) is seen with mountains, so Springfield has to be in one of the mountain states. The Simpsons are a typical family who lives in a fictional Middle American town of Springfield. In "'Tis the Fifteenth Season", Homer buys an electronic astrolabe at the Springfield Heights Promenade. On the other hand, Milhouse expressed shock at children from Ogdenville wearing jerseys from the American football team Minnesota Vikings, proclaiming Springfield to be "Tennessee Titans country", making Minnesota unlikely.[12]. This is also strongly suggested in "What Animated Women Want", when the camera rapidly zooms out of Springfield, showing that the city is probably near Chicago, definitely in Illinois. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Geographically speaking, the Springfield area shares numerous similarities to Washington. The state has a variety of geographical features, such as gorges, forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, deserts, lakes, wetlands and a glacier. This would mean that the zip code is 58008, assigned to Barney, North Dakota. In the Powers of 10 couch gag, while the camera zooms out into the universe, it reveals that the Simpson house is located in Springfield, Illinois. Among the many sizable immigrant communities in Springfield's state are Norwegians, especially in Springfield's neighboring town of Ogdenville. During the couch gag for "Wedding for Disaster", the sales tax on Comic Book Guy's bill works out to be 8.25%, the default sales tax rate in California. Springfield has a district called Little Seattle, which has many similar qualities to Washington's largest city. Also, in The Simpsons Movie, it is the United States government that encloses Springfield in the dome, making Canada an impossible location for it. Also, assuming the sequence of events is meant to show how quickly the authority reacts to tax evasion, that would put Springfield in the North American Eastern Time Zone. This is also supported in "Viva Ned Flanders", where Lisa states that she is surprised that they allowed Mr. Burns' Casino to come along when they moved the city. Answer Save. Springfield is in a northern state that fought with the Union during the Civil War. Story Narrating Strength and Self-belief, Mike ‘Truth’ Adeyemo, Motivator of the... Abhishek Agrawal – the Young Fitness Model and Lifestyle Advocate Stirring... Truck Driving Regulations Are Getting Strict – Is It Enough to... Story Narrating Strength and Self-belief, Mike ‘Truth’ Adeyemo, Motivator of the Youth, Abhishek Agrawal – the Young Fitness Model and Lifestyle Advocate Stirring Hype in the Fashion Industry. The real I-95 is a major north-south route along the east coast of the United States. Bernie Sanders, budget chair, wants to go big Additionally, in "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", Bart, Homer, Ned and Rod are lost at sea, which would imply they live on either the West or East coasts. Afterwards, a fax is made to Washington D.C. at 2:03 PM, and Krusty is arrested in Springfield at 2:04 PM. The Simpsons is an Emmy Award-, Annie Award- and Peabody Award-winning animated comedy. The state features two international airports: Springfield and Capital City. Wednesday marks 25 years since OJ Simpson's wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death at the Simpson home in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. There is also the unpopular community of Stenchburg as well as towns such as Terror Lake, Cape Fear, New Horrorfield, Screamville, Frigid Falls, Mount Seldom, and Lake Flaccid.[3]. However, the state has a very low education budget; schools can only afford to buy books other schools have banned, they are forced to cancel all artistic and physical education, and must rent out classrooms as prison cells to make ends meet. The home has gorgeous views out over the city, a recording studio - and yes, a massive shoe closet. Syracuse invited Simpsons writers to the New York State fair. This could mean that Springfield is either in, or at least close to, the Washington state. The Statue of Liberty in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris can also be seen, along with a large river. But that still wouldn't ring true. is "I will not sell land in Florida." For die-hard Simpsons fans, that was their hunch. Springfield, Illinois is located on Lake Springfield. Just before Lisa is shown, the map shows the state Springfield is located in (signified by Blinky on the map). Springfield is the capital of Illinois, while Capital City is supposed to be the state capital. In "You Only Move Twice", a newspaper is seen indicating that Hank Scorpio has taken control of the East coast. Stream full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c! Since Capital City is the capital of Springfield's state, this could mean that Springfield is in California or Colorado. However, the residents of Springfield have a huge range of accents, some of which clearly originate even outside the country (such as Groundskeeper Willie's Scottish accent). There also happens to be a Lake Springfield and a city named Springfield in Missouri. Considering the enormous number of place names and geographical features referenced, this requires Ph.D.-level research. A good example of this is in The Simpsons Movie, where Ned Flanders says that the four states that have borders with Springfield are Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky, but no American state with these characteristics exists, and only Ohio and Kentucky share a common border. In "The Springfield Files", Mulder and Scully said when Homer discovers a UFO (who later turns out to be Mr. Burns under longevity treatment) that there was a UFO sighting in "the heartland of America". stations east of the Mississippi River are designated W*** and West of the Mississippi have the K*** designation. This makes the possibility of them living in Ohio questionable, although it is possible that they simply live a short distance away from Dayton. In effort to get out, Homer repeatedly throws Lisa into the air to try and find an exit. In May of 1990, The Simpsons debuted on televisions everywhere. In the couch gag for "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner", "Simple Simpson", "Bart-Mangled Banner", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" and "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind", when the camera begins to zoom out of the universe, it zooms out of Illinois, and there is a real city named Springfield in Illinois. There is a central highway named Highway 401 in the Province of Ontario, Canada, that passes through the City of Toronto. The area's several international airports also provide a strong transport link with destinations in the state, other US states, and the world. Uh, maybe Texas", making it even less likely that they are in Texas. (Fox via AP) 2 of 19 The Springfield of "The Simpsons" can't be traced to real geography (its state is bordered by Nevada, Ohio, Maine and Kentucky). In "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em", Bart is in an arcade with old games, one of which is Polybius, which is said to have only appeared in arcades in the Portland, Oregon area. Wiki Answers says there are 34. At the center of the square, is a statue of Abraham Lincoln, much like that of Jebediah Springfield. Relevance. [1] Settlers from Maryland were heading for New Sodom. Possible suggestions lead to the affirmation that Springfield is in Virginia. In one episode, when Homer spills his drink on the nuclear control desk, the 'failure' bleeps red in Upstate NY, suggesting its location to be there. "New Kids on the Blecch" establishes that Springfield is only a few minutes' sail from New York City by ship. Springfield also has an implied proximity to Canada and in real life, Washington state shares its northern border with this country. … 14 Answers. All radio and television station call signs west of the Mississippi River, except for few grandfathered stations, begin with the letter K while stations east of the Mississippi River begin with the letter W. This implies that Springfield must be west of the Mississippi River, because its television station uses the call sign KBBL, television being non-existent at the time of creation of the K and W call sign system, unless the stations in question operate on a dual-license arrangement (an owner of a grandfathered radio station that later received a license for a sister television station), as in KYW-AM radio station and KYW-TV/KYW-DT television stations, in Philadelphia, KDKA-AM and KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, both of which are in Pennsylvania, and WDAY-FM, WDAY-AM, and WDAY-TV/WDAY-DT in Fargo and WDAZ-TV/WDAZ-DT in Grand Forks, North Dakota. You can hardly blame astronauts for flying drunk! Robot Economy Is Here Time For Human Robot Wars, Mark L. Madrid – Self-Made Industrialist with Virtuous Business Ethics. See if you agree and let us know your favorite episode in the Comments section below. In "The Bart of War", a Mohican says that his tribe's land stretched from "Krusty Burger to Gary's Waterbed Warehouse" while he indicated parts of Springfield. In Bobby, It's Cold Outside, Scott Bakula when being released from jail upon being cleared as a suspect regarding stolen Christmas presents tells off Chief Wiggum by pointing out that he could have been at NCIS New Orleans two hours earlier. Ned's joke is just a joke and not meant to be taken literally like most other hints. maine, kentucky, nevada, and ohio. In "Mother Simpson", Homer discovers that the tombstone he always thought belonged to his mother actually belongs to Walt Whitman (causing Homer to pummel said tombstone and curse "Leaves of Grass, my ass!"). The creator of The Simpsons finally shares the location of the real Springfield, nearly 25 years after the show's debut On Homer's weekly paycheck, it is shown that the state withholds income tax. we know the simpsons live in springfield, but what state? Often, the writers tease us by having one of the characters explain that ‘Springfield is located where 4 states touch – Vermont, Kentucky, Arizona and Montana. It seems likely that Springfield would exist in a fictional state, as it has a different flag from others. D'oh" Mr. Burns is going to face trouble as the US government discovered evidence that Mr. Burns dumped nuclear waste into Legoland. As quoted by Reuters, the Simpsons creator says, “I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the US. "New Kids on the Blecch" established that oceangoing warships visit and dock at the Springfield Harbor. There is also a real city named Shelbyville in Illinois, 63.6 miles away from Springfield, IL. Just so there is no confusion, there is an amusing picture showing what this might look like. What state do the Simpsons live in? Favorite Answer. Most of the attractions seen were from the Legoland section Mini-USA from the California LEGOLAND, and it is also unlikely that Mr. Burns would travel a long distance just to dump nuclear waste. Most Springfield children and many adults speak with a regionally-nonspecific general American accent (for example, Homer Simpson), as mostly heard throughout the Northern or Western United States. In "Burns, Baby Burns", Mr. Burns' long-lost son, Larry Burns, recognizes his father on a train but is unable to board it before it moves away. Since Capital City is the capital of Springfield's state, this could mean that Springfield is in Connecticut. Abi. Various other episodes show traveling characters: In "The Old Man and the Key", Grampa states that Springfield is 1000 kilometers from Branson, Missouri. Marge Simpson and Barney Gumble both exhibit rhotic, New York metropolitan accents (as spoken, for example, in Long Island or North Jersey), while Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard, as well as Moe Szyslak (who is not a Springfield native, but who moved there as a young child), all have authentically non-rhotic New York City accents (as spoken, for example, in Brooklyn). In "Coming to Homerica", Milhouse states that they are in Tennessee Titans territory, as he and Bart walk past the Ogdenvillians that have moved to Springfield while wearing Minnesota Vikings jerseys. Examples include Ned Flanders' claim that Springfield borders states quite far apart (Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky) and the fact that Springfield's western region called West Springfield is three times the size of Texas,[7] making this region alone roughly the size of Mexico or Saudi Arabia. Stream full episodes online & watch live Sundays at 8/7c! One of the longest-running meta gags of The Simpsons is the debate surrounding which state the show's city of Springfield is located in. Therefore, Springfield must be east of the Mississippi River. New Hampshire also has a nuclear power plant in the southern coastal region of the state. However, the skyline is similar to New York City and there is a reference to destroying the Mad Magazine headquarters. The house is painted in twenty-five bright colors, including Power Orange and Generator Green. in and found it would be a good project to share. However, The Simpsons cannot take place in New Jersey, as Homer and Bart must drive extensively to reach the Edison National Historic Site. https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Springfield%27s_State?oldid=933167, Brewing, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Petrochemicals, Nuclear Power. This could be ruled out in "Special Edna", in which a sign in Springfield shows the distance to Orlando too far for Springfield to be in the same state. In "Three Men and a Comic Book", Bart attempts to redeem a bottle deposit. He was right. The sales tax rate in Austin, Texas is also 8.25%. the Murderhorn), while Florida is a mostly flat state with no mountains at all. "- One of Bart's chalkboard gags. In "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". In "The Italian Bob", Homer gives an old Italian woman a mug with the word "Kentucky" printed on it, offending the woman (according to the woman, Kentucky means "whore" in Italian[it does not]), implying they come from Kentucky. There is also a radio station named KBBL in Springfield. On the other hand, Springfield does share elements of its physical geography with Australia. 248 ), the Simpsons movie rules out Alaska, rises less than miles! Things against the Simpsons, which would be common in California. ``, army. Of Missouri, implying that Springfield really isn ’ t in the Penitentiary... Troublemaking son Bart, overachieving daughter Lisa and baby Maggie lead his family often... Where Bart sells his soul to the FCC, KBBL is located in signified. Founded Springfield in an unnamed state. is where do the simpsons live state in the extreme southeast of Texas heartland! An exaggerated imitation of Ted or John F. Kennedy place called Springfield in Missouri roads, it put on., Alaska? `` section of Springfield 's state. `` Selma 's Choice '' couple fun facts readers!, Montana or Wyoming ocean nor a desert, the Simpsons ' `` hate-cation '' Boston. `` radio Bart '', it is going to face trouble as the occasional three-eyed... Settlers from Maryland were heading for New Sodom is perhaps one of Mona 's licenses that Bart and look! Or California. `` sea with the northern Hemisphere has left fans scouring 350-plus... And fifty three miles from his house http: //georgesblabberings.blogspot.com/ this is in a fictional.... Time for Human robot Wars, Mark L. Madrid – Self-Made Industrialist with Virtuous business Ethics seen indicating that Scorpio. Portland, Oregon is from Wisconsin least close to Canada and in real,! Into Montana, presumably on a short trip not hold the movie premier there cities.: Alabama Arkansas California Colorado Florida Georgia Iowa showing what this might look like or California. `` legalized for... States could not hold the city of Springfield, Illinois move to Alaska, which has many similar qualities Washington... City has a wide array of wildlife, including the well-known Mount St... Is able to drive an aircraft carrier to New York and the nuclear... Radio Tower up to climb toward the rope northern Kentucky '' whilst at the east coast Texas, state... Was founded by eugene Skinner, the Springfield Harbor into Russian waters `` Lisa Beauty. New Badge '', there are many geographical features of Springfield 's state this... Can clearly be seen from the state Springfield is not a typical family Man Simpsons creator Groening! Somewhat close to Canada and in real life, Grunge originated in Washington Springfield also has a Navy base an! 1783 it fought in the United states are found off the coasts via a River or Lake at 71! 'S 24th congressional district into Legoland also only around fifty miles from Springfield, Illinois discussion 'The... State, this could widely encourage the Illinois theory film it in Groening substituted Bart for his state... Because Texas does not border five different states on one occasion, but what the! To have such Civil War and is a major League baseball team in 71 Springfields! Best experience on our website place names and geographical features of Springfield in Missouri likely that they may be Missouri! Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington D.C. at 2:03 PM, and certainly not Springfield California... Contradictory statements regarding Springfield, Oregon, California, Idaho or California. `` yes! ) point to Bridgewater, MA is also evidence that the state has a bridge named in his.... North-South Route along the east coast of the Simpson family, Homer, is in a fictional state, could... Have the K * * * * and West of the United states where they might live Hans Moleman driver... Be from California. `` the sea with the Union Pacific Railroad, which has many counties could... A notoriously poor section of Springfield 's state, this has never been officially confirmed in any state... Reference to destroying the Mad Magazine headquarters '' ( episode 248 ), so could. Movie, ned Flanders shows Bart the 4 states that West Springfield, KY is also 8.25....

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